Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience

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Edited By: Geoffrey C. Fox and David W. Walker

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Online ISSN: 1532-0634

Associated Title(s): Journal of Software: Evolution and Process, Software Focus, Software Testing, Verification and Reliability, Software: Practice and Experience, Theory and Practice of Object Systems

Virtual Issue: Euro-Par Collection (2007-2015)

Euro-Par 2015
Volume 28, Issue 12 (2016)

Editorial Special Issue: Euro-Par 2015
Christian Lengauer, Luc Bougé and Jesper Larsson Traff

Performance optimization of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication for multi-component PDE-based applications using GPUs
Ahmad Abdelfattah, Hatem Ltaief, David Keyes and Jack Dongarra

Fast parallel skew and prefix-doubling suffix array construction on the GPU
Leyuan Wang, Sean Baxter and John D. Owens

Performance and portability of accelerated lattice Boltzmann applications with OpenACC
Enrico Calore, Alessandro Gabbana, Jiri Kraus, Sebastiano Fabio Schifano and Raffaele Tripiccione

Continuous skyline queries on multicore architectures
Tiziano De Matteis, Salvatore Di Girolamo and Gabriele Mencagli

Euro-Par 2014
Volume 27, Issue 16 (2015)

Editorial Special Issue: Euro-Par 2014
Christian Lengauer, Luc Bougé and Fernando Silva

Faithful performance prediction of a dynamic task-based runtime system for heterogeneous multi-core architectures
Luka Stanisic, Samuel Thibault, Arnaud Legrand, Brice Videau, Jean-François Méhaut

A comparative study of spanning tree and gossip protocols for aggregation
Lehel Nyers, Márk Jelasity

On constructing DAG-schedules with large areas
Scott T. Roche, Arnold L. Rosenberg, Rajmohan Rajaraman

Spectral turning bands for efficient Gaussian random fields generation on GPUs and accelerators
Lars Hunger, Biagio Cosenza, Stefan Kimeswenger, Thomas Fahringer

Euro-Par 2013
Volume 26, Issue 14 (2014)

Editorial Special Issue: Euro-Par 2013
Christian Lengauer, Luc Bougé and Felix Wolf

Controlling fairness and task granularity in distributed, online, non-clairvoyant workflow executions
Rafael Ferreira da Silva, Tristan Glatard and Frédéric Desprez

Compiler multiversioning for automatic task granularity control
Peter Thoman, Herbert Jordan and Thomas Fahringer

Software-based contention management for efficient compare-and-swap operations
Dave Dice, Danny Hendler and Ilya Mirsky

Euro-Par 2012
Volume 25, Issue 17 (2013)

Editorial Special Issue: Euro-Par 2012
Luc Bougé and Christian Lengauer

Adaptive sampling for performance characterization of application kernels
Pablo de Oliveira Castro, Eric Petit, Asma Farjallah and William Jalby

Applying the dynamics of evolution to achieve reliability in master–worker computing
Evgenia Christoforou, Antonio Fernández Anta, Chryssis Georgiou, Miguel A. Mosteiro and Angel Sánchez

Extending the scope of the Checkpoint-on-Failure protocol for forward recovery in standard MPI
Wesley Bland, Peng Du, Aurelien Bouteiller, Thomas Herault, George Bosilca and Jack J. Dongarra

Efficient support for in-place metadata in Java software transactional memory
Ricardo J. Dias, Tiago M. Vale and João M. Lourenço

Tailoring the network to the problem: topology configuration in hybrid electronic packet switched/optical circuit switched interconnects
Kostas Christodoulopoulos, Kostas Katrinis, Marco Ruffini and Donal O'Mahony

Euro-Par 2011
Volume 25, Issue 4 (2013)

Guest Editorial: Euro-Par 2011
LUC BOUGÉ ENS Cachan/Bretagne IRISA/INRIA and CHRISTIAN LENGAUER University of Passau, Germany

Backfilling with guarantees made as jobs arrive.
Lindsay A, Galloway-Carson M, Johnson C, Bunde D, Leung V.

ISABELA for effective in situ compression of scientific data.
Lakshminarasimhan S, Shah N, Ethier S, Ku SH, Chang C, Klasky S, Latham R, Ross R, Samatova N.

Shrinker: efficient live migration of virtual clusters over WANs.
Riteau P, Morin C, Priol T.

Gossip learning with linear models on fully distributed data
Ormándi R, Hegedü I, Jelasity M.

Correlated set coordination in fault tolerant message logging protocols for many-core clusters.
Bouteiller A, Herault T, Bosilca G, Dongarra J.

Iterative sparse matrix–vector multiplication for accelerating the block Wiedemann algorithm over GF (2) on multi-GPU systems.
Schmidt B, Aribowo H, Dang H.

Euro-Par 2010
Volume 23 Issue 17 (2011)

Special Issue: Euro-Par 2010
Luc Bougé and Christian Lengauer

Meeting subscriber-defined QoS constraints in publish/subscribe systems

Muhammad Adnan Tariq, Boris Koldehofe, Gerald G. Koch, Imran Khan and Kurt Rothermel

A liveness condition for concurrent objects: x-wait-freedom
Damien Imbs and Michel Raynal

Active optimistic and distributed message logging for message-passing applications
Thomas Ropars and Christine Morin

Computing subdominant unstable modes of turbulent plasma with a parallel Jacobi–Davidson eigensolver
Eloy Romero and Jose E. Roman

Fault-tolerant on-board computing for robotic space missions
Hans P. Zima, Mark L. James and Paul L. Springer

Scalable multicore architectures for long DNA sequence comparison
Friman Sánchez, Felipe Cabarcas, Alex Ramirez and Mateo Valero

Multi-organization scheduling approximation algorithms
Johanne Cohen, Daniel Cordeiro, Denis Trystram and Frédéric Wagner

Cost-effective queue schemes for reducing head-of-line blocking in fat-trees
J. Escudero-Sahuquillo, P. J. Garcia, F. J. Quiles, J. Flich and J. Duato

Euro-Par 2009
Volume 23, Issue 2 (2011)

Special Issue: Euro-Par 2009
Luc Bougé and Christian Lengauer

Energy-aware scheduling of bag-of-tasks applications on master–worker platforms
Jean-François Pineau, Yves Robert and Frédéric Vivien

POGGI: generating puzzle instances for online games on grid infrastructures
Alexandru Iosup

Wavelet-adaptive solvers on multi-core architectures for the simulation of complex systems
Diego Rossinelli, Babak Hejazialhosseini, Michael Bergdorf and Petros Koumoutsakos

StarPU: a unified platform for task scheduling on heterogeneous multicore architectures
Cédric Augonnet, Samuel Thibault, Raymond Namyst and Pierre-André Wacrenier

NIC-assisted cache-efficient receive stack for message passing over Ethernet
Brice Goglin

Optimizing communication for Charm++ applications by reducing network contention
Abhinav Bhatelé, Eric Bohm and Laxmikant V. Kalé

Euro-Par 2008
Volume 21, Issue 14 (2009)

Special Issue: Euro-Par 2008
Luc Bougé and Christian Lengauer

Clock synchronization in Cell/B.E. traces
M. Biberstein, Y. Harel and A. Heilper

Dynamic file system semantics to enable metadata optimizations in PVFS
Michael Kuhn, Julian Martin Kunkel and Thomas Ludwig

A meta-predictor framework for prefetching in object-based DSMs
Jean Christophe Beyler, Michael Klemm, Philippe Clauss and Michael Philippsen

Optimizing multiple conjugate gradient solvers for large-scale systems
Jose Carlos Sancho and Darren J. Kerbyson

Euro-Par 2007
Volume 21, Issue 7 (2009)

Special Issue: Euro-Par 2007
Luc Bougé and Christian Lengauer

Schemes for avoiding starvation in transactional memory systems
M. M. Waliullah and Per Stenstrom

On the connectivity of Bluetooth-based ad hoc networks
P. Crescenzi, C. Nocentini, A. Pietracaprina and G. Pucci

An algorithm for dissemination and retrieval of information in wireless ad hoc networks
H. Miranda, S. Leggio, L. Rodrigues and K. Raatikainen

Cooperation in multi-organization scheduling
Fanny Pascual, Krzysztof Rzadca and Denis Trystram