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Editors' Choice

March 2017

Effect of medical cannabis on thermal quantitative measurements of pain in patients with Parkinson's disease

Alpha-range visual and auditory stimulation reduces the perception of pain

Systematic review of patient history and physical examination to diagnose chronic low back pain originating from the facet joints

February 2017

Activation of ephrinB–EphB receptor signalling in rat spinal cord contributes to maintenance of diabetic neuropathic pain

Putting pain out of mind with an ‘out of body’ illusion

Clinical practice guidelines for the noninvasive management of low back pain: A systematic review by the Ontario Protocol for Traffic Injury Management (OPTIMa) Collaboration

January 2017

Neuropathic pain prevalence following spinal cord injury: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Incidence and prognosis of mid-back pain in the general population: A systematic review

Brain structural changes in patients with chronic myofascial pain

November 2016

Leisure-time physical activity and sciatica: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Repeated exposure to others’ pain reduces vicarious pain intensity estimation

Reductions in tonic GABAergic current in substantia gelatinosa neurons and GABAA receptor ? subunit expression after chronic constriction injury of the sciatic nerve in mice

October 2016

Analgesic effects of navigated motor cortex rTMS in patients with chronic neuropathic pain

Effects of pregabalin on the nociceptive, emotional and cognitive manifestations of neuropathic pain in mice

Post-traumatic stress symptoms in children and adolescents with chronic pain: A topical review of the literature and a proposed framework for future research

September 2016

Primary sensory and motor cortex function in response to acute muscle pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis

The effect of threat on cognitive biases and pain outcomes: An eye-tracking study

Experimental pain sensitivity in multiple system atrophy and Parkinson's disease at an early stage

August 2016

Preoperative preemptive drug administration for acute postoperative pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Altered fMRI resting-state connectivity in individuals with fibromyalgia on acute pain stimulation

Enhanced c-Fos expression in the central amygdala correlates with increased thigmotaxis in rats with peripheral nerve injury

July 2016

Review: Neuropathic low back pain in clinical practice

Transdermal Cannabidiol Reduces Inflammation and Pain-related Behaviors in a Rat Model of Arthritis

Robot-guided neuronavigated rTMS as an alternative therapy for central (neuropathic) pain: Clinical experience and long-term follow-up

May 2016

From pulses to pain relief: an update on the mechanisms of rTMS-induced analgesic effects

Effects of insular stimulation on thermal nociception

A novel orally administered trimebutine compound (GIC-1001) is anti-nociceptive and features peripheral opioid agonistic activity and Hydrogen Sulphide-releasing capacity in mice

April 2016

Watching your pain site reduces pain intensity in chronic back pain patients

Improving postoperative pain management in children by providing regular training and an updated pain therapy concept

Identification of mechano-sensitive C fibre sensitization and contribution to nerve injury-induced mechanical hyperalgesia

March 2016

What outcome measures are commonly used for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome clinical trials? A systematic review of the literature

The relationship between the Rat Grimace Scale and mechanical hypersensitivity testing in three experimental pain models

Early menarche and chronic widespread musculoskeletal complaints- Results from the HUNT study

February 2016

Sensory abnormalities and pain in Parkinson disease and its modulation by treatment of motor symptoms

No effect of the cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor etoricoxib on pre-emptive and post-operative analgesia in visceral surgery: results of a randomized controlled trial

A novel electroencephalography-based tool for objective assessment of network dynamics activated by nociceptive stimuli

November 2015

A Mechanism-based Pain Sensitivity Index to Characterise Knee Osteoarthritis Patients with Different Disease Stages and Pain Levels

Machine learning on encephalographic activity may predict opioid analgesia

Does pain vary across the menstrual cycle? A review

Cutaneous immunopathology of long-standing complex regional pain syndrome

October 2015

A Mechanism-based Pain Sensitivity Index to Characterise Knee Osteoarthritis Patients with Different Disease Stages and Pain Levels

Local and distant acupuncture points stimulation for chronic musculoskeletal pain: A systematic review on the comparative effects

Severe pain during local infiltration for spinal anaesthesia predicts post-caesarean pain

September 2015

Effects of compression at myofascial trigger points in patients with acute low back pain: A randomized controlled trial

Structural and functional assessment of skin nerve fibres in small-fibre pathology

Effect of sleep deprivation on the electrophysiological signature of habituation to noxious laser stimuli

August 2015

T. Graven-Neilsen et al. Isometric Exercises Reduce Temporal Summation of Pressure Pain in Human

P.J.M Bank et al. Intended and unintended (sensory-)motor coupling between the affected and unaffected upper limb in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

S. Bustan et al. Suffering as an independent component of the experience of pain

July 2015

D Yarnitsky et al. Recommendations on practice of conditioned pain modulation (CPM) testing

F. Gosselin et al. Efficient information for recognizing pain in facial expressions

U. Hoheisel et al. Immobilization stress sensitizes rat dorsal horn neurons having input from the low back

May 2015

J.A Robbins et al. Relationship of Pain and Ancestry in African American Women

L. M McCracken et al.
Further Development in the Assessment of Psychological Flexibility

S. Van Damme et al. Hypervigilance for innocuous tactile stimuli in patients with fibromyalgia

April 2015

A. A. Boerlage et al. The COMFORT behaviour scale detects clinically meaningful effects of analgesic and sedative treatment

S. R Humble et al. A systematic review of therapeutic interventions to reduce acute and chronic post-surgical pain after amputation, thoracotomy or mastectomy

A. Davies et al. Pan-European, open-label dose titration study of fentanyl buccal tablet in patients with breakthrough cancer pain

March 2015

S. R. Humble et al. A systematic review of therapeutic interventions to reduce acute and chronic post-surgical pain after amputation, thoracotomy or mastectomy

M.T. Carrillo-de-la-Peña et al. Filtering out repetitive auditory stimuli in fibromyalgia: A study of P50 sensory gating

K.A Sherman et al. The effect of monitoring ‘processing style’ on post-surgical neuropathic pain in women with breast cancer

February 2015

S. Falk et al. Spinal neuronal correlates of tapentadol analgesia in cancer pain: A back-translational approach

B. Namer et al. Differential sensitization of silent nociceptors to low pH stimulation by prostaglandin E2 in human volunteers

S. Bourgoin et al. CGRP receptor blockade by MK-8825 alleviates allodynia in infraorbital nerve-ligated rats

January 2015

S, van Gorp et al. Pain prevalence and its determinants after spinal cord injury: a systematic review

P.J Saturno et al. Development and pilot test of a new set of good practice indicators for chronic cancer pain management

N. Schuelert et al. The Bradykinin B1-receptor antagonist BI113823 reverses inflammatory hyperalgesia by desensitization of peripheral and spinal neurons

November 2014

E. Lluch et al. Review: Evidence for central sensitization in patients with osteoarthritis pain

D.R.G. Junqueira et al. Heritability and lifestyle factors in chronic low back pain: results of the Australian Twin Low Back Pain Study

B.O. Valeri et al. Pain reactivity in preterm neonates: examining the sex differences

October 2014

T.S. Jensen et al. Tolerability of the capsaicin 8% patch following pre-treatment with lidocaine or tramadol in patients with peripheral neuropathic pain

X. Zeng et al. Involvement of adrenomedullin in spinal glia activation following chronic administration of morphine in rats

J. Wager et al. Identifying subgroups of pediatric chronic pain patients – A cluster analytic approach

September 2014

Serge Perrot Review: What can fibromyalgia teach us about chronic pain?

W. Häuser and P. Henningsen Fibromyalgia syndrome – a somatoform disorder?

J.N. Ablin and D. Buskila Predicting fibromyalgia, a narrative review: Are we better than fools and children?

S. Perrot and I.J. Russell More ubiquitous effects from non-pharmacologic than from pharmacologic treatments for fibromyalgia syndrome: A meta-analysis examining six core symptoms

August 2014

C. Falch et al. Review: Treatment of Acute Abdominal Pain in the Emergency Room

M.L. Ferreira et al. Age does not modify effects of treatment on pain in patients with low back pain

M. Teepker et al. Endogenous pain inhibition during menstrual cycle in migraine

July 2014

D. Steffenset al. Review: Does magnetic resonance imaging predict future low back pain?

M.S. Matthias et al. Communicating about Opioids for Chronic Pain: A Qualitative Study of Patient Attributions and the Influence of the Patient-Physician Relationship

May 2014

B. Mesgarpour et al. Review: Extended-release opioids in the management of cancer pain: A systematic review of efficacy and safety

R. Rodriguez-Raecke et al. Neuronal differences between chronic low back pain and depression regarding long-term habituation to pain

J. Foell et al. Mirror therapy for phantom limb pain: Brain changes and the role of body representation

April 2014

C.W.C. Lin et al. Review: How is radiating leg pain defined in randomised controlled trials of conservative treatments in primary care?

M. Mänty et al. Musculoskeletal pain and physical functioning in the oldest old

J. Sawynok Review: Topical analgesics for neuropathic pain: Preclinical exploration, clinical validation, future development

March 2014

H.H. Andersen et al. A review of topical high-concentration L-menthol as a translational model of cold allodynia and hyperalgesia

V.R. Aggarwal et al. Functioning of the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal and growth hormone axes in frequently unexplained disorders: Results of a population study

C.I. Neutel et al. Trends in prescription of strong opioids for 41–80 year old Norwegians, 2005–2010

February 2014

J.K.P. Carstens et al. When the wind goes out of the sail - declining recovery expectations in the first weeks of back pain

K. Rutten et al. Burrowing as a non-reflex behavioural readout for analgesic action in a rat model of sub-chronic knee joint inflammation

J. Scheele et al. Characteristics of older patients with back pain in general practice: BACE cohort study

January 2014

B.M. Dijkstra et al. Review on pharmacological pain management in trauma patients in (pre-hospital) emergency medicine in the Netherlands

H. Nahman-Averbuch et al. Associations between autonomic dysfunction and pain in chemotherapy induced polyneuropathy

T. Lallukka et al. Childhood and adult socio-economic position and social mobility as determinants of low back pain outcomes

November 2013

T. Hoffmann et al. TRPA1 and TRPV1 are differentially involved in heat nociception of mice

F. Radat et al. Psychiatric co-morbidities in patients with chronic peripheral neuropathic pain: A multicentre cohort study

A.T. Hirsh et al. The influence of patient’s sex, race and depression on clinician pain treatment decisions

October 2013

K. Grosen et al. Can quantitative sensory testing predict responses to analgesic treatment?

J. Jenewein et al. Fear-learning deficits in subjects with fibromyalgia syndrome?

D. Keszthelyi et al. Alterations in mucosal neuropeptides in patients with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis in remission: A role in pain symptom generation?

September 2013

A.J.H. Verwoerd et al. Systematic review of prognostic factors predicting outcome in non-surgically treated patients with sciatica

N. Silvestrini et al. After-effects of cognitive control on pain

D. Vega-Avelaira et al. Inflammation-induced hyperalgesia and spinal microglia reactivity in neonatal rats

August 2013

N.B. Finnerup et al. Neuropathic pain classification

P.H. Ferreira,et al. Nature or nurture in low back pain?

H. Kumru et al. Baclofen effect on evoked pain perception

July 2013

Bura et al. Sigma ligand and chronic pain

Horjales-Araujo et al. Effect of visual and gustatory stimuli on experimental jaw muscle pain

Marcello et al. Supraspinal plasticity following neuropathic pain

May 2013

Carreira et al. Role of neutrophils in incisional pain

Oosterman et al. Age in the pain-cognition relationship

Miller et al. Spinal [3H]PK11195 radioligand binding in rat pain models

April 2013

Mills et al. Characterization of NGF-induced pain in rats

Warwick & Hanani Satellite glial cells and chemotherapy-induced pain

Wolfe et al. Longitudinal therapy of fibromyalgia

March 2013

Oosterwijck et al. Systematic review: Central sensitization in chronic WAD

A.J. van Wijk et al. Continuous pain registration

Hartvigsen et al. Patterns of musculoskeletal pain in the population

February 2013

Bank et al. Motor consequences of experimental limb pain

Cossins et al. Systematic review of RCT’s for CRPS

Tobbackx et al. Acupuncture for chronic whiplash

January 2013

Itz et al. Clinical course of non-specific low back pain

Holliday et al. DREAM and musculoskeletal pain

André & Löfvander. Primary care physicians rating immigrant patients’ pain

November 2012

Ringer et al. Qualitative bone scintigraphy results

Schley et al. Skin innervation in neuropathic pain

Tiira et al. Determinants of adolescent health care use for low back pain

October 2012

Alabas et al. Gender role affects experimental pain responses

Molsberger et al. Clinical reality of acupuncture point location

Saika et al. CCL4/MIP-1b participates in neuropathic pain

September 2012

Larsson et al. Risk factors for chronic wide spread pain

Gu et al. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy reduces chronic pain

Hansen et al. Post-stroke pain

August 2012

Mylius et al. Effects of tDCS on pain perception and working memory

de Boer et al. Pain-related catastrophizing

Hocking et al. Heritability of chronic pain

July 2012

Rouwette et al. Role of limbic corticotropin-releasing factor in neuropathic pain

Althaus et al. Chronic post-surgical pain

Kääriä et al. Risk factors of chronic neck pain

May 2012

Buchmuller et al. Value of TENS for relief of chronic low back pain

Khalefa et al. Central versus peripherally selective opioids

Ceelie et al. Post-operative pain management in infants

April 2012

Haack et al. Pain sensitivity and modulation in primary insomnia

Weinkauf et al. Differential effects of lidocaine on nerve growth factor (NGF)-evoked heat- and mechanical hyperalgesia

Johnson et al. GMI in CRPS

March 2012

Bruehl et al. Beta-endorphin and opioid function

Antón et al. Pain in clinical oncology

Reyes del Paso et al. Cognitive impairment in fibromyalgia syndrome

February 2012

Torres-Chávez et al. Effect of gonadal steroid hormones on formalin-induced temporomandibular joint inflammation

Wieser et al. Dysfunctional coping in headache

Gustavsson et al. Socio-economic burden of patients with a diagnosis related to chronic pain

January 2012

Darlow et al. The association between health care professional attitudes and outcomes of patients with low back pain

Brenchat et al. Role of peripheral versus spinal 5-HT7 receptors in the modulation of pain undersensitizing conditions

Darlington et al. The influence of maternal vulnerability and parenting stress on chronic pain in adolescents

Klein et al. Endoneurial pathology of the needlestick-nerve-injury model of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome