Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology

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Edited By: Javed Mostafa, University of North Carolina

Online ISSN: 2330-1643

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The most accessed articles of 2015

Wanli Liu, Rezarta Islamaj Doğan, Sun Kim, Donald C. Comeau, Won Kim, Lana Yeganova, Zhiyong Lu, W. John Wilbur Author name disambiguation for PubMed

Hamid Ekbia, Michael Mattioli, Inna Kouper, G. Arave, Ali Ghazinejad, Timothy Bowman, Venkata Ratandeep Suri, Andrew Tsou, Scott Weingart, Cassidy R. Sugimoto Big data, bigger dilemmas: A critical review

Mike Thelwall, Kayvan Kousha ResearchGate: Disseminating, communicating, and measuring Scholarship?

Liwen Vaughan, Yue Chen Data mining from web search queries: A comparison of google trends and baidu index

Sanghee Oh, Sue Yeon Syn Motivations for sharing information and social support in social media: A comparative analysis of Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, YouTube, and Flickr