New Directions for Evaluation

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Edited By: Paul R. Brandon

Online ISSN: 1534-875X

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  • Current Issue:Fall 2015

    Volume 2015, Issue 147

  • Summer 2015

    Volume 2015, Issue 146

  • Spring 2015

    Volume 2015, Issue 145

    Special Issue: Accreditation, Certification, and C...

  • Winter 2014

    Volume 2014, Issue 144

    Special Issue: Needs Assessment: Trends and a View...

  • Fall 2014

    Volume 2014, Issue 143

    Special Issue: Building a New Generation of Cultur...

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Each issue of New Directions for Evaluation is devoted to a single topic, with contributions solicited, organized, reviewed, and edited by a guest editor or editors. Issues may take any of several forms, such as a series of related chapters, a debate, or a long article followed by brief critical commentaries.

A full list of issues by title from Volume 1997 to current year is available online.

New Directions for Evaluation

The current issue Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation: A Review of the Landscape, Volume 2015, Issue 147 is also available for purchase at