New Directions for Youth Development

Cover image for Vol. 2014 Issue 141

Edited By: Gil G. Noam

Online ISSN: 1537-5781


This acclaimed periodical presents the latest theory, practice and research on youth development. Each volume covers one one topic and features contributions from the some of the top minds in the field.

Aims and Scope

New Directions for Youth Development: Theory, Practice, and Research is a quarterly publication focusing on contemporary issues challenging the field of youth development. The journal is dedicated to bringing together everyone concerned with helping young people, including scholars, practitioners, and people from different disciplines and professions. The result is a unique resource presenting thoughtful, multi-faceted approaches to helping our youth develop into responsible, stable, well-rounded citizens.

A defining focus of the journal is the relationship among theory, research, and practice. In particular, New Directions for Youth Development is dedicated to recognizing resilience as well as risk, healthy development of our youth, and the difficulties of adolescence. The journal is intended as a forum for provocative discussion that reaches across the worlds of academia, service, philanthropy, and policy.

Each issue of New Directions for Youth Development focuses on a single topic of significance and importance to the field of youth development and is edited by experts in that area of study and practice. Each issue undergoes a peer review process.

Past topics of New Directions for Youth Development include youth mentoring, threat and terror, immigrant youth, afterschool and out of school time, community building, youth leadership, summertime learning, spiritual development, violence and social disintegration, and youth advocacy.

New Directions for Youth Development: Theory, Practice, and Research is published in cooperation with The Program in Education, Afterschool, and Resiliency (PEAR) located at McLean Hospital and Harvard Medical School. PEAR is dedicated to the "whole child—the whole day" and continuously integrates research, theory, and practice for lasting connections between youth development, school reform, and mental health. PEAR creates and fosters evidence-based interventions so that increasingly "young people can learn, dream, and thrive."


Youth development practitioners, educators, counselors, psychologists, researchers, foundations, policy makers


Youth development, child and adolescent development, developmental psychology, adolescence, afterschool, out of school time, family studies, mentoring, K-12 education, mentoring, youth leadership

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