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Edited By: Demetrios James Caraley

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Due to its well established effort to provide analysis on domestic and foreign affairs, the Academy of Political Science enjoys a special prestige among the many institutions, committees and think tanks devoted to the exploration and exposition of public policy. More important than mere longevity are the depth and breadth of intellectual competence that the Academy's members bring to their chosen fields. Furthermore, there is the assurance that all publications of the Academy are not shaped by ideological or partisan considerations.

Throughout its long history, the Academy—a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization—has advanced a three-fold educational mission to:

  • contribute to the scholarly examination of political institutions, processes, and public policies;

  • enrich political discourse and channel the best social science research in an understandable way to political leaders for use in public policy making and the process of governing;

  • educate members of the general public so that they become better informed participants in the democratic process.

The major vehicles for accomplishing these goals are:

  • publication of the Political Science Quarterly (PSQ), the most widely read and accessible scholarly journal covering government, politics and policy, both international and domestic;

  • publication of books on timely and relevant subjects, including topical collections of recent articles from PSQ;

  • sponsorship of conferences that provide a forum for discussion between experts from the governmental, academic and non-profit communities.

Members of the Academy of Political Science are automatically enrolled as subscribers to PSQ. The prestige and authority of the Academy are such that internationally renowned political professionals and scholars of all political persuasions have enrolled as members, participated in its conferences, and contributed to its publications.