Natural Gas & Electricity

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Edited By: Robert E. Willett

Online ISSN: 1545-7907

Author Guidelines

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Author Guidelines

For Potential Authors

We absolutely welcome and encourage submissions to Natural Gas & Electricity.

  • APPROVAL: Associate publisher must approve any article that goes into Natural Gas & Electricity , and all acceptances are tentative and subject to change because of production or other considerations.
  • COPYRIGHT: Pls. submit
  • Copyright Transfer Agreement
    to the associate publisher (fax is acceptable) unaltered except for signature of each contributor. If copyright on some items in your manuscript may not be yours to transfer and you can take care of that with another Wiley “Permission to Use” request form to the copyright holder.
  • LENGTH: Standard article length is about 3700 words, taking into account tables and graphs. For example, an average small graph or bar chart is about one-quarter of a page, thus substitutes for 175 words. The electronic transmission of the details of these graphics should be easily readable in black and white.
    Articles longer or shorter than 3700 words are also acceptable, but never less than 1800 words and generally not less than 2400. Articles can also go higher than 3700 words.
  • NOTES: Concerning notes, these in total should not add up to more than 250 words. Should more cites be absolutely necessary, also acceptable would be a few cites woven into the text sentences themselves (not standing alone behind the sentence).
  • SUBMISSION AND MEDIA: Manuscripts should go to the associate publisher. E-mailed manuscripts are best. They must be usable by Microsoft XP Office.
  • REVIEW: Associate publisher will review manuscripts for content and style and will copyedit the manuscript. Under nearly all cases, he will send the reviewed manuscript back to the author for comments, if any, and will indicate when they should be received. No comments by the deadline will be assumed to mean that there are none.
  • QUESTIONS: Questions about the above should go to the associate publisher


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