Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

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Edited By: Nadia Magnenat Thalmann and Daniel Thalmann

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CASA Collection (2010-2012)

(2CASA 2012


Video event representation and inference on And-Or graph
Kai Jiang, Xiaowu Chen, Yu Zhang and Qinping Zhao

Efficient modeling of numerous trees by introducing growth volume for real-time virtual ecosystems
Jinmo Kim and Hyungje Cho

Video-driven state-aware facial animation
Ming Zeng, Lin Liang, Xinguo Liu and Hujun Bao

Video composition by optimized 3D mean-value coordinates
Yang Shen, Xiao Lin, Yan Gao, Bin Sheng and Qisong Liu

Generation of coherent mosaic animations: enhancement and evaluation of temporal coherence
Dongwann Kang, Yongjin Ohn, Myounghun Han and Kyunghyun Yoon

Example-based inverse kinematics using cage
Charlie Irawan Tan and Wen Kai Tai

Detail-aware spatial deformation transfer
Yusuke Yoshiyasu and Nobutoshi Yamazaki

A blendshape model that incorporates physical interaction
Wan-Chun Ma, Yi-Hua Wang, Graham Fyffe, Bing-Yu Chen and Paul Debevec

Interactive buildup of animation sequences with captured motion data
Sang Won Lee and Kang Hoon Lee

Photorealistic cloth in real-time applications
Young-Min kang and Chang-Sik Cho

Interactive coupling between a tree and raindrops
Changbo Wang, Qiang Zhang, Huajun Xiao and Qiuyan Shen

Practical simulation of hierarchical brittle fracture
Seungtaik Oh, Seunghyup Shin and Hyeryeong Jun

Particle-based drop animation on meshes in real time
Khalid Djado, Richard Egli and Fabrice Granger

A unified structure for crowd simulation
Thomas Jund, Pierre Kraemer and David Cazier

Perceptually plausible formations for virtual conversers
Cathy Ennis and Carol O'Sullivan

Affective engagement to emotional facial expressions of embodied social agents in a decision-making game
Weizi Li, Zichao Di and Jan M. Allbeck

Virtual calligraphic carving through smoothness scalar field and brush-pressure distribution
Xiaowu Chen, Hengyuan Zhang and Qinping Zhao

Adaptive surface splatting for facial rendering
Hyeon-Joong Kim, A. Cengiz Öztireli, Markus Gross and Soo-Mi Choi

Fast continuous collision culling with deforming noncollinear filters
Peng Du, Min Tang and Ruofeng Tong

User-guided volumetric approximation using swept sphere volumes for physically based animation
Myungsoo Bae, Jinwook Kim and Young J. Kim

Detail-feature-preserving surface reconstruction
Xu Zhao, Zhong Zhou, Ye Duan and Wei Wu

Single image summarization of 3D animation using depth images
Hwan-Jik Lee, Hyun Joon Shin and Jung-Ju Choi

Speeding up the simulation of deformable objects through mesh improvement
Luis F. Gutiérrez, Iker Aguinaga, Matthias Harders and Félix Ramos

Feature-based probabilistic texture blending with feature variations for terrains
John Ferraris, Feng Tian and Christos Gatzidis

Dual-domain deformation transfer for triangular meshes
Marco Fratarcangeli

CASA 2011

Zhigeng Pan, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann and Jinxiang Chai

Modeling ocean waves and interaction between objects and ocean water for cartoon animation
Jing Liao, Jinhui Yu and John Patterson

Feature-based vector simulation of water waves
Qizhi Yu, Fabrice Neyret and Anthony Steed

Interactive soft-fabrics watering simulation on GPU
Chen Huang, Hanqiu Sun, Shiguang Liu and Ping Li

Real-time smoke simulation with improved turbulence by spatial adaptive vorticity confinement
Shengfeng He, Hon-Cheng Wong, Wai-Man Pang and Un-Hong Wong

Meshless simulation of brittle fracture
Ning Liu, Xiaowei He, Sheng Li and Guoping Wang

Realistic, fast, and controllable simulation of solid combustion
Jian Zhu, Yuanzhang Chang and Enhua Wu

Simulation theory and anticipation for interactive virtual character in an uncertain world
Cédric Buche, Anne Jeannin-Girardon and Pierre De Loor

UEGM: uncertain emotion generator under multi-stimulus
Nan Xiang, Haiying Zhao, Xiaojian Zhou, Mingliang Xu, Abdennour El Rhalibi and Yu Wu

Footstep navigation for dynamic crowds
Shawn Singh, Mubbasir Kapadia, Glenn Reinman and Petros Faloutsos

A framework for locally retargeting and rendering facial performance
Ko-Yun Liu, Wan-Chun Ma, Chun-Fa Chang, Chuan-Chang Wang and Paul Debevec

Easy acquisition and real-time animation of facial wrinkles
Ludovic Dutreve, Alexandre Meyer and Sada Bouakaz

Multi-layer structural wound synthesis on 3D face
Chung-Yeon Lee, Sangyong Lee and Seongah Chin

Characteristic facial retargeting
Jaewon Song, Byungkuk Choi, Yeongho Seol and Junyong Noh

Automatic reconstruction of personalized avatars from 3D face scans
Michael Zollhöfer, Michael Martinek, Günther Greiner, Marc Stamminger and Jochen Süßmuth

3D body scanning with hairstyle using one time-of-flight camera
Jing Tong, Mingmin Zhang, Xueqin Xiang, Huaqing Shen, Hao Yan and Zhengming Chen

Interactive sign language synthesis based on adaptive display resolution visibility for ubiquitous devices
Jun Pan, Jian-min Wang, Shun-ting Cao and Xiao-nan Luo

Predicting missing markers in human motion capture using l1-sparse representation
Jun Xiao, Yinfu Feng and Wenyuan Hu

Real-time mocap dance recognition for an interactive dancing game
Liqun Deng, Howard Leung, Naijie Gu and Yang Yang

Efficient camera path planning algorithm for human motion overview
I-Cheng Yeh, Chao-Hung Lin, Hung-Jen Chien and Tong-Yee Lee

3D soft tissue warping dynamics simulation based on force asynchronous diffusion model
Weixin Si, Zhiyong Yuan, Xiangyun Liao, Zhaoliang Duan, Yihua Ding and Jianhui Zhao

A new approach to haptic rendering of guidewires for use in minimally invasive surgical simulation
D. Huang, W. Tang, T. R. Wan, N. W. John, D. Gould, Y. Ding and Y. Chen

Practical craniofacial surgery simulator based on GPU accelerated lattice shape matching
Sheng-Hui Liao, Yixiong Liang, Ling-Zhi Li, Bei-Ji Zou, Xing-Hao Zhu and Wei Ai

A virtual endoscopy system for virtual medicine
Yanjun Peng, Ruisheng Jia, Yuanhong Wang and Mingmin Zhang

GPU-friendly shape interpolation based on trajectory warping
Lu Chen, Jin Huang, Hongxin Zhang and Wei Hua

A graph-based shape matching scheme for 3D articulated objects
Min-Wen Chao, Chao-Hung Lin, Chih-Chieh Chang and Tong-Yee Lee

Efficient wavelet-based geometry compression
Chong Zhao, Hanqiu Sun and Kaihuai Qin

Stereoscopic image generation of background terrain scenes
Huicheol Hwang, Kyehyun Kim, Roger Blanco i Ribera and Junyong Noh

Paint-on-glass animation: the fellowship of digital paint and artisanal control
Tom Van Laerhoven, Fabian Di Fiore, William Van Haevre and Frank Van Reeth

CASA 2010

Stéphane Donikian, Elisabeth André, Shi-Min Hu and Daniel Thalmann

A hybrid approach for simulating human motion in constrained environments
Jia Pan, Liangjun Zhang, Ming C. Lin and Dinesh Manocha

Real-time hybrid solid simulation: spectral unification of deformable and rigid materials
Yin Yang, Guodong Rong, Luis Torres and Xiaohu Guo

Eyelid kinematics for virtual characters
William Steptoe, Oyewole Oyekoya and Anthony Steed

Animation transplantation
Jochen Süßmuth, Michael Zollhöfer and Günther Greiner

Correlative joint definition for motion analysis and animation
Nicolas Pronost, Anders Sandholm and Daniel Thalmann

Animating cartoon faces by multi-view drawings
Xiang Li, Jun Xu, Yangchun Ren and Weidong Geng

Choreographing emotional facial expressions
Robin J.S. Sloan, Brian Robinson, Ken Scott-Brown, Fhionna Moore and Malcolm Cook

Virtual proximity and facial expressions of computer agents regulate human emotions and attention
Toni Vanhala, Veikko Surakka, Harri Siirtola, Kari-Jouko Räihä, Benoît Morel and Laurent Ach

Real-time expression of affect through respiration
Celso M. de Melo, Patrick Kenny and Jonathan Gratch

Smooth force rendering on coarse polygonal meshes
Jun Wu, Yuen-Shan Leung, Charlie C.L. Wang, Dangxiao Wang and Yuru Zhang

Perceptually validated global/local deformations
Marcos García, Miguel Anguel Otaduy and Carol O'Sullivan

Weighted local shape blending for facial motion retargetting
Kyung-Gun Na and Moon-Ryul Jung

Situation agents: agent-based externalized steering logic
Matthew Schuerman, Shawn Singh, Mubbasir Kapadia and Petros Faloutsos

Transductive graph based cartoon synthesis
Jun Yu, Dongquan Liu and Hock Soon Seah

RBF network-based temporal color morphing
Xuezhong Xiao, Hua Huang and Lizhuang Ma

Shape manipulation using physically based wire deformations
L. H. You, Xiaosong Yang, X. Y. You, Xiaogang Jin and Jian J. Zhang

Real-time fur simulation and rendering
Jun Lee, DongKyum Kim, HyungSeok Kim, Carloa Henzel, Jee-In Kim and MinGyu Lim

A new approach to outdoor illumination estimation based on statistical analysis for augmented reality
Yanli Liu, Xueying Qin, Guanyu Xing and Qunsheng Peng

Inhomogeneous volumetric Laplacian deformation for rhinoplasty planning and simulation system
Sheng-hui Liao, Ruo-feng Tong, Jian-Ping Geng and Min Tang

Automatic construction of 3D animatable facial avatars
Yujian Gao, Qinping Zhao, Aimin Hao, T. M. Sezgin and N. A. Dodgson

Repairing topological inconsistency of mesh sequences
Wei Feng, Hongxin Zhang, Jin Huang, Caoyu Wang and Hujun Bao

Simple and parallel proximity algorithms for general polygonal models
Youngeun Lee and Young J. Kim

Rigging transfer
Jaewoo Seo, Yeongho Seol, Daehyeon Wi, Younghui Kim and Junyong Noh

Spatial-temporal patterns and pedestrian simulation
Nan Hu, Suiping Zhou, Zhongke Wu, Mingquan Zhou and Benjamin Eng Keong Cho

Volume fraction based miscible and immiscible fluid animation
Kai Bao, Xiaolong Wu, Hui Zhang and Enhua Wu

Stable stylized wireframe rendering
Chen Tang, Sheng Li, Guoping Wang and Yutong Zang

A sketch interface to empower novices to create 3D animations
Jaewoong Jeon, Hyunho Jang, Soon-Bum Lim and Yoon-Chul Choy

The step space: example-based footprint-driven motion synthesis
B.J.H. van Basten, P.W.A.M. Peeters and A. Egges

Conditional stochastic simulation for character animation
N. Courty and A. Cuzol

A genetic-fuzzy system for optimising agent steering
Anton Gerdelan and Carol O'Sullivan

Synthetic vision-based perceptual attention for augmented reality agents
Sejin Oh, Woonhyuk Baek and Woontack Woo

Virtual humans elicit socially anxious interactants' verbal self-disclosure
Sin-Hwa Kang and Jonathan Gratch