Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds

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Edited By: Nadia Magnenat Thalmann and Daniel Thalmann

Impact Factor: 0.424

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2016: 100/106 (Computer Science Software Engineering)

Online ISSN: 1546-427X

CASA Collection (2010-2014)



Rapid avatar capture and simulation using commodity depth sensors
Ari Shapiro, Andrew Feng, Ruizhe Wang, Hao Li, Mark Bolas, Gerard Medioni and Evan Suma

Interactive model-based reconstruction of the human head using an RGB-D sensor
Michael Zollhöfer, Justus Thies, Matteo Colaianni, Marc Stamminger and Günther Greiner

The semantic space for facial communication
Susana Castillo, Christian Wallraven and Douglas W. Cunningham

Real-time depth-of-field rendering using single-layer composition
Xiaoxin Fang, Bin Sheng, Wen Wu, Zengzhi Fan and Lizhuang Ma

A hybrid level-of-detail representation for large-scale urban scenes rendering
Shengchuan Zhou, Innfarn Yoo, Bedrich Benes and Ge Chen

A haptic-enabled novel approach to cardiovascular visualization
Shamima Yasmin, Nan Du, James Chen and Yusheng Feng

Human motion retrieval based on freehand sketch
Zhangpeng Tang, Jun Xiao, Yinfu Feng, Xiaosong Yang and Jian Zhang

A genetic algorithm approach to human motion capture data segmentation
Na Lv, Yan Huang, Zhiquan Feng and Jingliang Peng

Real-time motion data annotation via action string
Tian Qi, Jun Xiao, Yueting Zhuang, Hanzhi Zhang, Xiaosong Yang, Jianjun Zhang and Yinfu Feng

Human motion variation synthesis with multivariate Gaussian processes

Liuyang Zhou, Lifeng Shang, Hubert P.H. Shum and Howard Leung

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Daniel Thalmann, Tolga Capin and Selim Balcisoy

Simulating and animating social dynamics: embedding small pedestrian groups in crowds
Seung In Park, Francis Quek and Yong Cao

Simulating realistic crowd based on agent trajectories
Libo Sun, Xiaona Li and Wenhu Qin

A collision avoidance behavior model for crowd simulation based on psychological findings
Jin Hyoung Park, Francisco Arturo Rojas and Hyun Seung Yang

A heterogeneous CPU–GPU parallel approach to a multigrid Poisson solver for incompressible fluid simulation
Hwi-Ryong Jung, Sun-Tae Kim, Junyong Noh and Jeong-Mo Hong

Coupling elastic solids with smoothed particle hydrodynamics fluids
Nadir Akinci, Jens Cornelis, Gizem Akinci and Matthias Teschner

Rigid-motion-inspired liquid character animation
Guijuan Zhang, Dianjie Lu, Dengming Zhu, Lei Lv, Hong Liu and Xiangxu Meng

Flexible and rapid animation of brittle fracture using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics formulation
Feibin Chen, Changbo Wang, Buying Xie and Hong Qin

Fire pattern analysis and synthesis using EigenFires and motion transitions
Nima Nikfetrat and Won-Sook Lee

Procedural modeling of trees based on convolution sums of divisor functions for real-time virtual ecosystems
Jinmo Kim, Daeyeoul Kim and Hyungje Cho

Porous deformable shell simulation with surface water flow and saturation
Kiwon Um, Tae-Yong Kim, Youngdon Kwon and JungHyun Han

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CASA 2012


Video event representation and inference on And-Or graph
Kai Jiang, Xiaowu Chen, Yu Zhang and Qinping Zhao

Efficient modeling of numerous trees by introducing growth volume for real-time virtual ecosystems
Jinmo Kim and Hyungje Cho

Video-driven state-aware facial animation
Ming Zeng, Lin Liang, Xinguo Liu and Hujun Bao

Video composition by optimized 3D mean-value coordinates
Yang Shen, Xiao Lin, Yan Gao, Bin Sheng and Qisong Liu

Generation of coherent mosaic animations: enhancement and evaluation of temporal coherence
Dongwann Kang, Yongjin Ohn, Myounghun Han and Kyunghyun Yoon

Example-based inverse kinematics using cage
Charlie Irawan Tan and Wen Kai Tai

Detail-aware spatial deformation transfer
Yusuke Yoshiyasu and Nobutoshi Yamazaki

A blendshape model that incorporates physical interaction
Wan-Chun Ma, Yi-Hua Wang, Graham Fyffe, Bing-Yu Chen and Paul Debevec

Interactive buildup of animation sequences with captured motion data
Sang Won Lee and Kang Hoon Lee

Photorealistic cloth in real-time applications
Young-Min kang and Chang-Sik Cho

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CASA 2011

Zhigeng Pan, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann and Jinxiang Chai

Modeling ocean waves and interaction between objects and ocean water for cartoon animation
Jing Liao, Jinhui Yu and John Patterson

Feature-based vector simulation of water waves
Qizhi Yu, Fabrice Neyret and Anthony Steed

Interactive soft-fabrics watering simulation on GPU
Chen Huang, Hanqiu Sun, Shiguang Liu and Ping Li

Real-time smoke simulation with improved turbulence by spatial adaptive vorticity confinement
Shengfeng He, Hon-Cheng Wong, Wai-Man Pang and Un-Hong Wong

Meshless simulation of brittle fracture
Ning Liu, Xiaowei He, Sheng Li and Guoping Wang

Realistic, fast, and controllable simulation of solid combustion
Jian Zhu, Yuanzhang Chang and Enhua Wu

Simulation theory and anticipation for interactive virtual character in an uncertain world
Cédric Buche, Anne Jeannin-Girardon and Pierre De Loor

UEGM: uncertain emotion generator under multi-stimulus
Nan Xiang, Haiying Zhao, Xiaojian Zhou, Mingliang Xu, Abdennour El Rhalibi and Yu Wu

Footstep navigation for dynamic crowds
Shawn Singh, Mubbasir Kapadia, Glenn Reinman and Petros Faloutsos

A framework for locally retargeting and rendering facial performance
Ko-Yun Liu, Wan-Chun Ma, Chun-Fa Chang, Chuan-Chang Wang and Paul Debevec

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CASA 2010

Stéphane Donikian, Elisabeth André, Shi-Min Hu and Daniel Thalmann

A hybrid approach for simulating human motion in constrained environments
Jia Pan, Liangjun Zhang, Ming C. Lin and Dinesh Manocha

Real-time hybrid solid simulation: spectral unification of deformable and rigid materials
Yin Yang, Guodong Rong, Luis Torres and Xiaohu Guo

Eyelid kinematics for virtual characters
William Steptoe, Oyewole Oyekoya and Anthony Steed

Animation transplantation
Jochen Süßmuth, Michael Zollhöfer and Günther Greiner

Correlative joint definition for motion analysis and animation
Nicolas Pronost, Anders Sandholm and Daniel Thalmann

Animating cartoon faces by multi-view drawings
Xiang Li, Jun Xu, Yangchun Ren and Weidong Geng

Choreographing emotional facial expressions
Robin J.S. Sloan, Brian Robinson, Ken Scott-Brown, Fhionna Moore and Malcolm Cook

Virtual proximity and facial expressions of computer agents regulate human emotions and attention
Toni Vanhala, Veikko Surakka, Harri Siirtola, Kari-Jouko Räihä, Benoît Morel and Laurent Ach

Real-time expression of affect through respiration
Celso M. de Melo, Patrick Kenny and Jonathan Gratch

Smooth force rendering on coarse polygonal meshes
Jun Wu, Yuen-Shan Leung, Charlie C.L. Wang, Dangxiao Wang and Yuru Zhang

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