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Information for Authors

Aims and Scope

Now celebrating over 55 years of publication, the AIChE Journal is a broad-based monthly that publishes significant research results in all areas of chemical engineering. Research articles and R&D notes accepted for publication in the Journal are included in the appropriate nine major topical areas: 1. Fluid mechanics and transport phenomena; 2. particle technology and fluidization; 3 separations; 4. process systems engineering; 5. reactors, kinetics, and catalysis; 6. materials, interfaces, and electrochemical phenomena; 7. thermodynamics; 8. bioengineering, food, and natural products; and 9. energy and environmental engineering. The Journal covers reports on research and the state-of-the-art technologies in the sections of perspectives, research articles, R&D notes, review articles, letters to the editor, and book reviews.

Instructions to Authors

All authors should read the AIChE Code of Ethics insert link to AIChE Site (Revised January 17, 2003)

Submission of Manuscripts

Online Electronic Submission (preferred method of submission).AIChE is pleased to offer author web-based submission and peer-review through Manuscript Central (preferred method of submission. Submit your manuscript online at Follow the instructions for creating an author account (if you are a first time user) and submitting a manuscript. Submit your manuscript as a Word or rtf file (for text and tables) and tiff or eps (for figures). Other file types are not suitable for production. Please note that Ms Version 3 does not accept a single file upload from the author. Text, tables, and figures will need to be uploaded individually. Do not embed figures or tables in the document. For technical assistance, please contact

If you have any questions about the online submission process, you may also contact the AIChE Journal Editorial office:

AIChE Journal Editorial Office
Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-4004, U.S.A.
Telephone: (713) 743-4322
Fax: (713) 743-4323

Manuscript Preparation

Research Articles

Full-length research articles describe important new experimental or theoretical research findings, which represent significant, not incremental, advances in chemical engineering research. They typically receive two or more reviews. The average length of an article is ten typeset pages or 30 typed pages double-spaced including figures and tables. Multipart articles are discouraged. Full-length articles should be arranged in the following order:

Title and Authors.

The title, with less than 80 letters and spaces, should emphasize the principal objective. On the next line use authors' names followed on a separate line by their affiliations (with postal code) where the research was done on the separate line.


The abstract should state the objective and conclusions of the research concisely in no more than 150 words.

Topical Heading and Key Words.

Select the heading from the nine topical areas, listed in the Journal’s Aims and Scope, in which you would like your article to be included, as well as five key words from your article, which will be used for online search and retrieval, as well as indexing.


Start with the Introduction. The text should be concise and avoid details not essential to the development or available in previous publications.

SI Units.

The Système International d'Unités (SI) must be used for all dimensional quantities, whose list is available for download here .


It is not necessary if all symbols were defined in the text. This section should be placed at the end of the text and immediately before the Literature Cited section. Symbols cited should be listed alphabetically in the order of Roman symbols, letters, subscripts and superscripts.

Literature Cited.

It should be listed in numerical order in the order in which they are cited in the text. Give the complete information, including names of all authors, titles of the article and periodicals or books, numbers of pages and volumes, and publication years. Authors should use the AMA style to format their references. Examples follow: Journal: Heibel AK, Vergeldt FJ, van As H, Kapteijn F, Moulijn J, Boger T. Gas and liquid distribution in the monolith film flow reactor. AIChE Journal. 2003;49:3007-3017. Book: Givan AL. Flow cytometry: first principles (2nd edition). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2001. Book Chapter: Luketich JD, Ginsberg RJ. Diagnosis and staging of lung cancer. In: Johnson BE, Johnson DH. Lung cancer. New York: Wiley-Liss, Inc., 1995:161-73.

Color Figure Preparation.

For best reproduction, bright, clear colors should be used. Dark colors against a dark background do not reproduce well; please place your color images against a white background wherever possible.

Color Reproduction Charges.

Authors will be asked to pay a color reproduction charge for the publication of color figures appearing in the print journal. The charge for color publication is $850 for the first figure on a page and $150 for each additional figure on that page. All color figures will be published in color online at no charge.

Software and format.

All illustration files should be in TIFF or EPS (with preview) formats. Do not submit native application formats.


Journal quality reproduction will require greyscale and color files at resolutions yielding approximately 300 ppi. Bitmapped line art should be submitted at resolutions yielding 600 to 1200 ppi. These resolutions refer to the output size of the file; if you anticipate that your images will be enlarged or reduced, resolutions should be adjusted accordingly.

File names.

Illustration files should be given the 2- or 3-letter extension that identifies the file format used (i.e., .tif, .eps).


An order form for reprints will be included with the proofs. Authors are requested to return the reprint order form, along with a purchase order or check. Reprints will be shipped within 3 weeks after the printed journal date.

Electronic Proofing.

In order to expedite the publication and online posting of articles in Wiley Online Library, the AIChE Journal now offers electronic proofing. Corresponding authors with e-mail addresses will be sent page proofs (and paperwork, such as reprint order forms) in pdf format via e-mail. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail; contact names and numbers are given for questions, problems, or if an author wishes to receive a paper proof. A fax cover form with the Production Editor's information is also provided for authors to fax their corrections. Please notify us of your preferred proof delivery method when submitting your final manuscript to the editorial office. Indicate in your cover letter your page proof choice: ELECTRONIC (.pdf) or TRADITIONAL (paper).


Authors with potential ideas for the Perspectives section, contact Prof. Georges Stephanopoulos, at the Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, phone (617) 253-3904, fax (617) 252-1651,

Review Articles

The critical reviews of important areas of chemical engineering for general readers should discuss the background, state of the art, and outstanding research problems. Reviews of emerging areas and those that stimulate new research are particularly encouraged. Authors interested in review articles should consult the Editor.

R&D Notes

R&D notes are short reports that develop the essence of new experimental or theoretical concept or data, and it is expected that later they would be elaborated on in a published Journal article. There is no abstract, but key words are required. An R&D Note should not exceed eight double-spaced pages including figures and tables, and usually receives a single review.

Letters to the Editor

Letters on any subject of interest to the Journal readership may be submitted, such as comments on published articles or responses to these letters. Do not exceed two double-spaced pages. Inquiries regarding editorial or production matters should be addressed to the contact information below.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews will generally be by invitation, and generally should not exceed three double-spaced pages. Book Reviews will be reviewed by the Editor or appropriate Associate Editor.

Copyright Transfer Agreement

No article can be published unless accompanied by a signed copyright from Author. A copy of the Publication Agreement appears in most issues of the journal. The Copyright Transfer Agreement is also available at this site.

Permission for Reproduction

It is the Author's responsibility to obtain written permission to reproduce material that has appeared in another publication.

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