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Process Identification, State Estimation and Control

Part-C. Process Identification, State Estimation and Control

As the academic research and industrial applications in process control evolved from the servo-regulator theory and practice, AIChE Journal has played a very important role in defining the scope and methodologies of modern process control.

We have organized the papers in Part-C. Process Identification, State Estimation and Control in the following subsections:
- Critiques and Reviews
- Synthesis of Control Structures and Plantwide Control
- Design of Linear Control Systems
- Design of Nonlinear Control Systems
- Process Identification, State Estimation and Inferential Control
- Other Controller Tuning
- Control of Batch Processes
- Controllers for Specific Processing Systems

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Critiques and Reviews

Critique of chemical process control theory
Volume 19, Issue 2, pages 209–214, March 1973
A. S. Foss

Advanced control practice in the chemical process industry: A view from industry
Volume 22, Issue 1, pages 27–38, January 1976
Wooyoung Lee, Vern W. Weekman Jr.

Adaptive control strategies for process control: A survey
Volume 32, Issue 6, pages 881–913, June 1986
D. E. Seborg, T. F. Edgar, S. L. Shah

Control of nonlinear distributed process systems: Recent developments and challenges
Volume 47, Issue 3, pages 514–518, March 2001
Panagiotis D. Christofides

Synthesis of Control Structures and Plantwide Control

Studies in the synthesis of control structures for chemical processes: Part I: Formulation of the problem. Process decomposition and the classification of the control tasks. Analysis of the optimizing control structures
Volume 26, Issue 2, pages 220–232, March 1980
Manfred Morari, Yaman Arkun, George Stephanopoulos

Studies in the synthesis of control structures for chemical processes: Part II: Structural aspects and the synthesis of alternative feasible control schemes
Volume 26, Issue 2, pages 232–246, March 1980
Manfred Morari, George Stephanopoulos

Studies in the synthesis of control structures for chemical processes: Part III: Optimal selection of secondary measurements within the framework of state estimation in the presence of persistent unknown disturbances
Volume 26, Issue 2, pages 247–260, March 1980
Manfred Morari, George Stephanopoulos

Synthesis of decentralized process control structures using the concept of block relative gain
Volume 32, Issue 6, pages 991–1003, June 1986
Vasilios Manousiouthakis, Robert Savage, Yaman Arkun

Plantwide control design procedure
Volume 43, Issue 12, pages 3161–3174, December 1997
Michael L. Luyben, Bjorn D. Tyreus, William L. Luyben

Design of Linear Control Systems

Multivariable controller design for linear systems having multiple time delays
Volume 25, Issue 6, pages 1043–1057, November 1979
B. A. Ogunnaike, W. H. Ray

High-Performance multivariable control strategies for systems having time delays
Volume 32 Issue 6, pages 914–931, June 1986
N. F. Jerome, W. H. Ray

Design of multivariable linear-quadratic controllers using transfer functions
Volume 33, Issue 9, pages 1481–1495, September 1987
T. J. Harris, J. F. Macgregor

Stability of SISO quadratic dynamic matrix control with hard output constraints
Volume 37, Issue 10, pages 1550–1560, October 1991
Evanghelos Zafiriou, André L. Marchal

Model predictive control with linear models
Volume 39, Issue 2, pages 262–287, February 1993
Kenneth R. Muske, James B. Rawlings

Robust stability analysis of constrained l1-norm model predictive control
Volume 39, Issue 12, pages 1954–1965, December 1993
Hasmet Genceli, Michael Nikolaou

Disturbance models for offset-free model-predictive control
Volume 49, Issue 2, pages 426–437, February 2003
Gabriele Pannocchia, James B. Rawlings

Microscopic/stochastic timesteppers and “coarse” control: A KMC example
Volume 49, Issue 7, pages 1922–1926, July 2003
C. I. Siettos, A. Armaou, A. G. Makeev , I. G. Kevrekidis

Design of Nonlinear Control Systems

Synthesis of feedforward/state feedback controllers for nonlinear processes
Volume 35, Issue 10, pages 1602–1616, October 1989
Prodromos Daoutidis, Costas Kravaris

Nonlinear state feedback synthesis by global input/output linearization
Volume 33, Issue 4, pages 592–603, April 1987
Costas Kravaris, Chang-Bock Chung

Nonlinear inferential control
Volume 34, Issue 4, pages 633–644, April 1988
J. R. Parrish, C. B. Brosilow

Deadtime compensation for nonlinear processes
Volume 35, Issue 9, pages 1535–1542, September 1989
Costas Kravaris, Raymond A. Wright

Synthesis of multivariable nonlinear controllers by input/output linearization
Volume 36, Issue 2, pages 249–264, February 1990
Costas Kravaris, Masoud Soroush

Feedforward/feedback control of multivariable nonlinear processes
Volume 36, Issue 10, pages 1471–1484, October 1990
Prodromos Daoutidis, Masoud Soroush, Costas Kravaris

An internal model control strategy for nonlinear systems
Volume 37, Issue 7, pages 1065–1081, July 1991
Michael A. Henson, Dale E. Seborg

Nonlinear predictive control of uncertain processes: Application to a CSTR
Volume 37, Issue 11, pages 1711–1723, November 1991
Phani B. Sistu, B. Wayne Bequette

Nonminimum-phase compensation for nonlinear processes
Volume 38, Issue 1, pages 26–40, January 1992
Raymond A. Wright, Costas Kravaris

Control of nonlinear systems using polynomial ARMA models
Volume 39, Issue 3, pages 446–460, March 1993
Evelio Hernández, Yaman Arkun

Feedback control of nonlinear differential-algebraic-equation systems
Volume 41, Issue 3, pages 619–636, March 1995
Aditya Kumar, Prodromos Daoutidis

Feedback control of hyperbolic PDE systems
Volume 42, Issue 11, pages 3063–3086, November 1996
Panagiotis D. Christofides, Prodromos Daoutidis

Nonlinear model reduction for control of distributed systems: A computer-assisted study
Volume 44, Issue 7, pages 1579–1595, July 1998
Stanislav Y. Shvartsman, Ioannis G. Kevrekidis

Nonlinear control of particulate processes
Volume 45, Issue 6, pages 1279–1297, June 1999
Timothy Chiu, Panagiotis D. Christofides

Coordinating feedback and switching for control of hybrid nonlinear processes
Volume 49, Issue 8, pages 2079–2098, August 2003
Nael H. El-Farra, Panagiotis D. Christofides

Robust nonlinear model predictive control of batch processes
Volume 49, Issue 7, pages 1776–1786, July 2003
Zoltan K. Nagy, Richard D. Braatz

Process Identification, State Estimation and Inferential Control

The use of secondary measurements to improve control
Volume 18, Issue 3, pages 614–623, May 1972
Richard Weber, Coleman Brosilow

Inferential control of processes: Part I. Steady state analysis and design
Volume 24, Issue 3, pages 485–492, May 1978
Babu Joseph, Coleman B. Brosilow

On-line inference of polymer properties in an industrial polyethylene reactor
Volume 37, Issue 6, pages 825–835, June 1991
K. B. McAuley, J. F. MacGregor

Optimal estimation of cell movement indices from the statistical analysis of cell tracking data
Volume 39, Issue 12, pages 1995–2010, December 1993
Richard B. Dickinson, Robert T. Tranquillo

Adaptive multirate state and parameter estimation strategies with application to a bioreactor
Volume 41, Issue 11, pages 2451–2464, November 1995
Ravindra D. Gudi, Sirish L. Shah, Murray R. Gray

A moving horizon-based approach for least-squares estimation
Volume 42, Issue 8, pages 2209–2224, August 1996
Douglas G. Robertson, Jay H. Lee, James B. Rawlings

Optimal selection of measuring points in complex plants by linear models
Volume 38, Issue 2, pages 227–236, February 1992
František Madron, Vladimír Veverka

Controller Tuning

A new method for on-line controller tuning
Volume 28, Issue 3, pages 434–440, May 1982
Minta Yuwana, Dale E. Seborg

Theory and application of an extended horizon self-tuning controller
Volume 31, Issue 11, pages 1771–1780, November 1985
B. E. Ydstie, L. S. Kershenbaum, R. W. H. Sargent

A simple method for on-line identification and controller tuning
Volume 35, Issue 12, pages 2037–2039, December 1989
Cheng-Liang Chen

Use of relay-feedback test for automatic tuning of multivariable systems
Volume 40, Issue 4, pages 627–646, April 1994
Shih-Haur Shen, Cheng-Ching Yu

PID controller tuning for desired closed-loop responses for SI/SO systems
Volume 44, Issue 1, pages 106–115, January 1998
Yongho Lee, Sunwon Park, Moonyong Lee, Coleman Brosilow

Control of Batch Processes

Nonlinear control of a batch polymerization reactor: An experimental study
Volume 38, Issue 9, pages 1429–1448, September 1992
Masoud Soroush, Costas Kravaris

Model identification and control strategies for batch cooling crystallizers
Volume 40, Issue 8, pages 1312–1327, August 1994
Stephen M. Miller, James B. Rawlings

Estimation of the molecular weight distribution in batch polymerization
Volume 34, Issue 8, pages 1341–1353, August 1988
Mark F. Ellis, Tad W. Taylor, Victor Gonzalez, Klavs F. Jensen

Predictive control of quality in batch polymerization using hybrid ANN models
Volume 42, Issue 2, pages 455–465, February 1996
Andy Yen-Di Tsen, Shi Shang Jang, David Shan Hill Wong, Babu Joseph

Use of biased-relay feedback for system identification
Volume 42, Issue 4, pages 1174–1180, April 1996
Shih-Haur Shen, Jiun-Sheng Wu, Cheng-Ching Yu

Model predictive control technique combined with iterative learning for batch processes
Volume 45, Issue 10, pages 2175–2187, October 1999
Kwang S. Lee, In-Shik Chin, Hyuk J. Lee, Jay H. Lee

Controllers for Specific Processing Systems

Optimal control policies for tubular reactors experiencing catalyst decay. Part 1. Single bed reactors
Volume 17, Issue 1, pages 43–51, January 1971
A. F. Ogunye, W. H. Ray

Advanced multivariable control of a pilot-plant distillation column
Volume 29, Issue 4, pages 632–640, July 1983
B. A. Ogunnaike, J. P. Lemaire, M. Morari, W. H. Ray

Feedforward and feedback control of a solution copolymerization reactor
Volume 35, Issue 6, pages 891–907, June 1989
John P. Congalidis, John R. Richards, W. Harmon Ray

Selecting the best distillation control configuration
Volume 36, Issue 5, pages 753–764, May 1990
Sigurd Skogestad, Petter Lundström, Elling W. Jacobsen

Optimal grade transitions in a gas phase polyethylene reactor
Volume 38, Issue 10, pages 1564–1576, October 1992
K. B. McAuley, J. F. MacGregor

Identification and cross-directional control of coating processes
Volume 38, Issue 9, pages 1329–1339, September 1992
Richard D. Braatz, Matthew L. Tyler, Manfred Morari, Ferdinand R. Pranckh, Luigi Sartor

Nonlinear product property control in industrial gas-phase polyethylene reactors
Volume 39, Issue 5, pages 855–866, May 1993
K. B. McAuley, J. F. Macgregor

Control of emulsion polymerization reactors
Volume 40, Issue 12, pages 1993–2021, December 1994
John Dimitratos, Guillermo Eliçabe, Christos Georgakis

On-line control of a semibatch emulsion polymerization reactor based on calorimetry
Volume 43, Issue 4, pages 1069–1081, April 1997
Isabel Sáenz de Buruaga, Antonio Echevarría, Philip D. Armitage, José C. de la Cal, José R. Leiza, José M. Asua

Robust H∞ glucose control in diabetes using a physiological model
Volume 46, Issue 12, pages 2537–2549, December 2000
Robert S. Parker, Francis J. Doyle III, Jennifer H. Ward, Nicholas A. Peppas