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Process Process Operations: Optimization, Monitoring, and Fault Diagnosis

Part-D. Process Operations: Optimization, Monitoring, and Fault Diagnosis

While Process Modeling, Process Design and Process Control have traditionally been the core areas in Process Systems Engineering, the area of Process Operations emerged more recently.

We have organized the papers in Part-D. Process Operations: Optimization, Monitoring, and Fault Diagnosis in the following subsections:
- Optimization of Process Operations
- Process Monitoring and Diagnosis
- Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection
- Diagnosis of Process Faults

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Optimization of Process Operations

Enterprise-wide optimization: A new frontier in process systems engineering
Volume 51, Issue 7, pages 1846–1857, July 2005
Ignacio Grossmann

Decomposition techniques for the solution of large-scale scheduling problems
Volume 42, Issue 12, pages 3373–3387, December 1996
Matthew H. Bassett, Joseph F. Pekny, Gintaras V. Reklaitis

On-line optimization of constrained multivariable chemical processes
Volume 33, Issue 1, pages 26–35, January 1987
Shi-Shang Jang, Babu Joseph, Hiro Mukai

Optimal production of secreted protein in fed-batch reactors
Volume 34, Issue 9, pages 1550–1558, September 1988
Seujeung Park, W. Fred Ramirez

Periodic operation of a trickle-bed reactor
Volume 35, Issue 9, pages 1437–1444, September 1989
Patricia M. Haure, Robert R. Hudgins, Peter L. Silveston

Optimization of multiple-fraction batch distillation by nonlinear programming
Volume 36, Issue 9, pages 1349–1360, September 1990
S. Farhat, M. Czernicki, L. Pibouleau, S. Domenech

Synchronization of batch trajectories using dynamic time warping
Volume 44, Issue 4, pages 864–875, April 1998
Athanassios Kassidas, John F. MacGregor, Paul A. Taylor

Process Monitoring and Diagnosis

Digital monitoring and estimation of polymerization reactors
Volume 22, Issue 2, pages 361–369, March 1976
J. H. Jo, S. G. Bankoff

Nonlinear principal component analysis using autoassociative neural networks
Volume 37, Issue 2, pages 233–243, February 1991
Mark A. Kramer

Real-time qualitative analysis of the temporal shapes of (bio) process variables
Volume 38, Issue 11, pages 1703–1715, November 1992
Konstantin B. Konstantinov, Toshiomi Yoshida

Monitoring batch processes using multiway principal component analysis
Volume 40 Issue 8, pages 1361–1375, August 1994
Paul Nomikos, John F. MacGregor

Process monitoring and diagnosis by multiblock PLS methods
Volume 40, Issue 5, pages 826–838, May 1994
John F. MacGregor, Christiane Jaeckle, Costas Kiparissides, M. Koutoudi

Statistical process monitoring and disturbance diagnosis in multivariable continuous processes
Volume 42, Issue 4, pages 995–1009, April 1996
Anne Raich, Ali Cinar

Batch tracking via nonlinear principal component analysis
Volume 42, Issue 8, pages 2199–2208, August 1996
Dong Dong, Thomas J. McAvoy

Statistical monitoring of multivariable dynamic processes with state-space models
Volume 43, Issue 8, pages 2002–2020, August 1997
Antoine Negiz, Ali Clinar

Multiscale PCA with application to multivariate statistical process monitoring
Volume 44, Issue 7, pages 1596–1610, July 1998
Bhavik R. Bakshi

Monitoring independent components for fault detection
Volume 49, Issue 4, pages 969–976, April 2003
Manabu Kano, Shouhei Tanaka, Shinji Hasebe, Iori Hashimoto, Hiromu Ohno

Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Detection

Detection of gross errors in process data
Volume 28, Issue 5, pages 828–830, September 1982
R. S. H. Mah, A. C. Tamhane

Reconciliation of process flow rates by matrix projection. Part I: Linear case
Volume 29, Issue 6, pages 881–888, November 1983
C. M. Crowe, Y. A. Garcia Campos, A. Hrymak

Gross error detection and data reconciliation in steam-metering systems
Volume 32, Issue 5, pages 733–742, May 1986
R. W. Serth, W. A. Heenan

Reconciliation of process flow rates by matrix projection. Part II: The nonlinear case
Volume 32, Issue 4, pages 616–623, April 1986
C. M. Crowe

Nonlinear parameter estimation: A case study comparison
Volume 32, Issue 1, pages 29–45, January 1986
L. T. Biegler, J. J. Damiano, G. E. Blau

Generalized likelihood ratio method for gross error identification
Volume 33, Issue 9, pages 1514–1521, September 1987
S. Narasimhan, R. S. H. Mah

Generalized likelihood ratios for gross error identification in dynamic processes
Volume 34, Issue 8, pages 1321–1331, August 1988
Shankar Narasimhan, Richard S. H. Mah

Unbiased estimation of gross errors in process measurements
Volume 38, Issue 4, pages 563–572, April 1992
D. K. Rollins, J. F. Davis

Sensor network design for maximizing reliability of linear processes
Volume 39, Issue 5, pages 820–828, May 1993
Yaqoob Ali, Shankar Narasimhan

Detection of gross errors in data reconciliation by principal component analysis
Volume 41, Issue 7, pages 1712–1722, July 1995
Hongwei Tong, Cameron M. Crowe

Identification of faulty sensors using principal component analysis
Volume 42, Issue 10, pages 2797–2812, October 1996
Ricardo Dunia, S. Joe Qin, Thomas F. Edgar, Thomas J. McAvoy

Data reconciliation and gross-error detection for dynamic systems
Volume 42, Issue 10, pages 2841–2856, October 1996
Joao S. Albuquerque, Lorenz T. Biegler

Design and retrofit of sensor networks in process plants
Volume 43, Issue 9, pages 2300–2306, September 1997
Miguel J. Bagajewicz

Isolation enhanced principal component analysis
Volume 45, Issue 2, pages 323–334, February 1999
Janos Gertler, Weihua Li, Yunbing Huang, Thomas McAvoy

Diagnosis of Process Faults

A rule-based approach to fault diagnosis using the signed directed graph
Volume 33, Issue 7, pages 1067–1078, July 1987
M. A. Kramer, B. L. Palowitch Jr.

Malfunction diagnosis using quantitative models with non-boolean reasoning in expert systems
Volume 33, Issue 1, pages 130–140, January 1987
M. A. Kramer

Incipient fault diagnosis of chemical processes via artificial neural networks
Volume 35, Issue 11, pages 1803–1812, November 1989
Kajiro Watanabe, Ichiro Matsuura, Masahiro Abe, Makoto Kubota, D. M. Himmelblau

A neural network methodology for process fault diagnosis
Volume 35, Issue 12, pages 1993–2002, December 1989
Venkat Venkatasubramanian, King Chan

Diagnostic model processor: Using deep knowledge for process fault diagnosis
Volume 36, Issue 4, pages 565–575, April 1990
Thomas F. Petti, Jim Klein, Prasad S. Dhurjati

Fault diagnosis in complex chemical plants using artificial neural networks
Volume 37, Issue 1, pages 137–141, January 1991
J. C. Hoskins, K. M. Kaliyur, David M. Himmelblau

Subspace approach to multidimensional fault identification and reconstruction
Volume 44, Issue 8, pages 1813–1831, August 1998
Ricardo Dunia, S. Joe Qin

Fault detection and diagnosis based on modified independent component analysis
Volume 52, Issue 10, pages 3501–3514, October 2006
Jong-Min Lee, S. Joe Qin, In-Beum Lee

Integrated fault-detection and fault-tolerant control of process systems
Volume 52, Issue 6, pages 2129–2148, June 2006
Prashant Mhaskar, Adiwinata Gani, Nael H. El-Farra, Charles McFall, Panagiotis D. Christofides, James F. Davis