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Most Cited articles of 2016

Most Citied

The following were the most cited articles in 2016 - and are FREE to read:

Speckle-Tracking Echocardiography: A New Technique for Assessing Myocardial Function
Sergio Mondillo, Maurizio Galderisi, Donato Mele et al.
Volume 30, Issue 1

Overview of Therapeutic Ultrasound Applications and Safety Considerations
Douglas L. Miller, Nadine B. Smith, Michael R. Bailey et al.
Volume 31, Issue 4

Real-time Ultrasound Elastography in the Differential Diagnosis of Benign and Malignant Thyroid Nodules
Yurong Hong, Xueming Liu, Zhiyu Li et al.
Volume 28, Issue 7

Associations of Carotid Artery Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) With Risk Factors and Prevalent Cardiovascular Disease: Comparison of Mean Common Carotid Artery IMT With Maximum Internal Carotid Artery IMT
Joseph F. Polak, Michael J. Pencina, Allison Meisner et al.
Volume 29, Issue 12

Common Applications of Dermatologic Sonography
Ximena Wortsman
Volume 31, Issue 1

Sonographic Features of Follicular Variant Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas in Comparison With Conventional Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas
Dae Sik Kim, Ji-hoon Kim, Dong Gyu Na et al.
Volume 28, Issue 12

Elastography for Evaluation of Liver Fibrosis
Giovanna Ferraioli, Parth Parekh, Alexander B. Levitov et al.
Volume 33, Issue 2

Ultrasound Biosafety Considerations for the Practicing Sonographer and Sonologist
Thomas R. Nelson, J. Brian Fowlkes, Jacques S. Abramowicz et al.
Volume 28, Issue 2

Effects of Precompression on Elasticity Imaging of the Breast: Development of a Clinically Useful Semiquantitative Method of Precompression Assessment
Richard G. Barr & Zheng Zhang
Volume 31, Issue 6

Shear Wave Elastographic Characterization of Normal and Torn Achilles Tendons: A Pilot Study
Xiang-Mei Chen, Li-Gang Cui, Ping He et al.
Volume 32, Issue 3

Most Read articles - Oct 2017

Most Read

The following were the most read articles in Oct 2017:

Sonography of Abdominal Wall Masses and Masslike Lesions
Ahn Sung Eun, Park Seong Jin, Moon Sung Kyoung et al.

Ultrasound Transducer Selection in Clinical Imaging Practice
Szabo L. Thomas & Peter A. Lewin

Outcomes of Pregnancies With a Low-Lying Placenta Diagnosed on Second-Trimester Sonography
Howard T. Heller, Katherine M. Mullen, Robert W. Gordon et al.

Sonographic Evaluation of the Yolk Sac
Sinan Tan, Mine Kanat Pektas & Halil Arslan

Right Upper Quadrant Pain: Ultrasound First!
Margarita V. Revzin, Leslie M. Scoutt & Joseph G. Garner et al.

Sonographic Findings of Axillary Masses: What Can Be Imaged in This Space?
Ji Eun Park, Yu-Mee Sohn & Eun-Kyung Kim

Approach to the Swollen Arm With Chronic Dialysis Access
Shilpa N. Reddy, Meghan C. Boros & Mindy M. Horrow

Embryonic Heart Rate as a Prognostic Factor for Chromosomal Abnormalities
Deniz Oztekin, Ozgur Oztekin, Fatma I. Aydal et al.

Factors Affecting Liver Size: A Sonographic Survey of 2080 Subjects
Kratzer Wolfgang, Fritz Violetta, Richard A. Mason et al.

Impact of Gestational Age on Nuchal Fold Thickness in the Second Trimester
Singh Chanchal & Biswas Arijit



The most popular articles on Altmetric in the last 3 months (at Oct 2017) are FREE to read:

Point-of-Care Ultrasound Use, Accuracy, and Impact on Clinical Decision Making in Rwanda Hospitals
Patricia C. Henwood, David C. Mackenzie, Andrew S. Liteplo et al.

M.mode.ify: A Free Online Tool to Generate Post Hoc M-Mode Images From Any Ultrasound Clip
Benjamin C. Smith III & Jacob Avila

Incidental Findings in Student Ultrasound Models: Implications for Instructors
Yonaton Siegel-Richman & John L. Kendall

Sonographic observation of in utero fetal "masturbation"
Israel Meizner

Sonographic Differentiation of Complicated From Uncomplicated Appendicitis: Implications for Antibiotics-First Therapy
Yingding Xu, R. Brooke Jeffrey, Stephanie T. Chang et al

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