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Edited By: Gregory E. Kaebnick

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Virtual Issue: Genetics



Editor's Note
Gregory E. Kaebnick, "A Special Issue on Genetics"

This special online issue of the Hastings Center Report brings together disparate discussions of the ethical issues posed by genetic science. In early issues of the Report, in the 1970s, discussions of genetics often sought partly just imply to identify and organize the issues- and to argue, in effect, that this was a topic that bioethics should address. Since then, the discussion has turned to more narrowly drawn issues. In this issue, for example, a set of six essays addresses the prospect that genetic information will lead to an era of "personalized medicine, " with implications not only for medical treatment but also for cost of care, biobanking, privacy, and access to information, among other things. In the lead article, legal scholar Mark Rothstein considers whether health policy should address genetic information separately from other kinds of medical information, and in an editorial on Rothstein founded in the column titled Another Voice, British philosopher Neil Manson explains why treating genetic information separately seems so attractive. A special supplement to this issue, by Hastings scholar Erik Parens, explores the ramifications of behavioral genetics, and other items branch off in still other directions, including (genuinely going afield here) into the prospect that genetic and other sciences might allow human beings to transcend the human condition. The items selected for this issue emphasize more recent scholarship and commentary, but were otherwise chosen precisely to capture as much as possible of the range of material that has appeared in the Report on this topic.

Another Voice
How Not to Think about Genetic Information
Neil C. Manson


Genetic Exceptionalism & Legislative Pragmatism
Mark A. Rothstein

Transforming Genetic Research Practices with Marginalized Communities: A Case for Responsive Justice
Sara Goering, Suzanne Holland, Kelly Fryer-Edwards

Genetic Research & Communal Narratives
Dena S. Davis

Genetics and the Moral Mission of Health Insurance
Thomas H. Murray


Genetic Differences and Human Identities: On Why Talking about Behavioral Genetics Is Important and Difficult
Erik Parens

Six essays on personalized medicine:

The Prospects for Personalized Medicine
Shara Yurkiewicz

Personalized Medicine's Ragged Edge
Leonard M. Fleck

Personalized Cancer Care in an Age of Anxiety
Susan Gilbert

Wanted: Human Biospecimens
Karen J. Maschke

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests and the Right to Know
Ronni Sandroff

GINA and Preemployment Criminal Background Checks
Shawneequa L. Callier, John Huss, and Eric T. Juengst

How Close Are We to Gene Doping?
Theodore Friedmann

A Proposal for Modernizing the Regulation of Human Biotechnologies
Franco Furger, Francis Fukuyama


Genetic Testing in Assisted Reproduction
Cynthia E. Fruchtman and Caroline Lieber


At Law
Potential Testing and Disability: A Truce in the Culture Wars?
Rebecca Dresser

Policy & Politics
The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act: Fear Factor or Fantasy Island?
Benjamin S. Wilfond

Children and the Genetic Identification of Talent
Yusuke Inoue and Kaori Muto


Review Essay
Whereto Transhumanism?: The Literature Reaches a Critical Mass
Nicholas Agar