Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

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Edited By: Dr. Sharon A. DeVaney

Online ISSN: 1552-3934

FCSRJ Best Papers for 2015

FCS Education and Outstanding Paper

Family Educators' Technology Use and Factors Influencing Technology Acceptance Attitudes by Susan Walker and Heeran Kim. 43(4), June, 328-342.


Building an Exploratory Model for Part-Time Sales Associates' Turnover Intentions by Mijeong Noh, Kim K. P. Johnson, and Jayoung Koo. 44(2), December, 184-200.

Family Studies/Human Development

Parenting and Ninth Graders' Self-Efficacy and Relational Self in Latino Immigrant Families by Dani Yomtov, Scott Plunkett, Tovah Sands, and Alex Reid. 43(3), March, 269-283.

Foods and Nutrition

Analysis of Child Food Requests and Maternal Compliance in Low-Income Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Families by Amber Haroldson, Zachary Cordell, and Lauren Haldeman, 44(1), September, 37-50.


Homeownership among Millennials: The Deferred American Dream by Yilan Xu, Carrie Johnson, Suzanne Bartholomae, Barbara O'Neill and Michael S. Gutter. 44(2), December, 201-212.

Personal Finance/Consumer Economics

Understanding Student Loan Decisions: A Literature Review by Soohyun Cho, Xilan Yu, and D. Elizabeth Kiss. 43(3), March, 229-243.

Professional Issues

Launching a Research Career: T-15 and Beyond by Robert B. Nielsen. 44(1), September, 12-20.

Emerging Scholar: Brandon Burr

How Do Time and Vocational Stress Influence Attitudes toward Relationship Education? by Brandon K. Burr, Brandt C. Gardner, Ronald B. Cox, Jr., Robert E. Larzelere, and Daniel S. Hubler. 44(2), December, 143-158.