Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

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Edited By: Dr. Sharon A. DeVaney

Online ISSN: 1552-3934

Virtual Issue: Body Image and Appearance in Society

Jihyun Kim, Virginia Tech, Guest Editor

The articles in this fourth virtual issue of the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal illustrate the importance of social and psychological paradigms to examine and interpret the symbolic interactions regarding self and body image. The purpose of this virtual issue is to highlight key research articles on this theme that have been published in FCSRJ in the last decade. Scholars are encouraged to continue their exploration of these topics and to invite scientists in other disciplines to collaborate with them.

Selected Articles

The Impact of Body Image on Consumers' Perceptions of Idealized Advertising Images and Brand Attitudes
Ui-Jeen Yu, Mary L. Damhorst, and Daniel W. Russell

The Effect of Clothing Size on Self-Esteem and Body Image
Tammy R. Kinley

An Ecological Approach to Examining Body Satisfaction in Caucasian and African American Female College Students
Natalia Sira and Sharon M. Ballard

Promoting Female Weight Management in 1920s Print Media: an Analysis of Ladies’ Home Journal and Vogue Magazines
Tamara D. Fangman, Jennifer Paff Ogle, Marianne C. Bickle and Donna Rouner

Body Image, Appearance Self-Schema, and Media Images
J. Jung and S. J. Lennon

Dieting among Adolescent Girls and Their Mothers: An Interpretive Study
Jennifer Paff Ogle and Mary Lynn Damhorst