Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

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Edited By: Dr. Sharon A. DeVaney

Online ISSN: 1552-3934

Virtual Issue: Families and Housing

Edited by JoAnn Emmel and Sharon A. DeVaney

Selecting "Families and Housing" as the theme for the first virtual issue of the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal is very timely given the current housing situation in the United States. This issue addresses some of the most urgent problems and issues related to people and their housing. To read the complete introduction, please click here.

A selection of articles from March 2006 – June 2009.

Borrower- and Mortgage-Related Factors Associated with FHA Foreclosures
Lucy Delgadillo and Amber Gallagher

Ethnicity and Household Expenditures: Furnishings, Fashion, and Flux?
Barbara Dyer, Katherine Annette Burnsed, and Carl L. Dyer

Attachment to "Place" and Coping with Losses in Changed Communities: A Paradox for Aging Adults
Christine C. Cook, Peter Martin, Mary Yearns, and Mary Lynn Damhorst

Residential Mortgage Default in Low- and High-Minority Census Tracts
Camille Pedersen and Lucy Delgadillo

An Analysis of Tenure and Household Structure Type by Household Composition
Stephanie E. Vanderford, Yoko Mimura, Anne L. Sweaney, and Andrew T. Carswell

Household Composition and Housing Expenditures in Rental-Occupied and Owner-Occupied Markets
Aydogan Ulker

Real Estate Brokerage, Homebuyer Training, and Homeownership Sustainability for Housing Assistance Programs
Wayne Archer, Stan Fitterman, and Marc T. Smith