Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

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Edited By: Dr. Sharon A. DeVaney

Online ISSN: 1552-3934

Virtual Issue: Food Insecurity

Edited by Carolyn Bednar, Texas Woman's University

Food insecurity, the uncertainty of having enough food to meet needs of family members, is currently a problem for about 15% of American households. The research articles in this virtual issue of the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal explore how lack of funds to purchase food affected dietary intake, nutrition, and health of low-income family members. The researchers also investigated ways that families with limited funds could be enabled to make more healthful food choices. More research is needed on this topic that is of great importance to many American families.

Food and Nutrition Security: Examples of International Development Work in Sub-Saharan African Regions
Ingrid-Ute Leonhäuser

Latina Immigrant Mothers: Negotiating New Food Environments to Preserve Cultural Food Practices and Healthy Child Eating
Kimberly Greder, Flor Romero de Slowing, Kimberly Doudna

Food Insecurity and Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditures: Competing Basic Needs?
Robert B. Nielsen, Steven Garaski, Swarn Chatterjee

Assessment of Body Weight Status and Macronutrient Consumption Patterns of Preschool Children
Susan B. Templeton, Martha A. Marlette, Myna Panemangalore

Patterns of Family Meals and Food and Nutrition Intake in Limited Resource Families
Wanda Koszewski, Donnia Behrends, Megan Nichols, Natalie Sehi, Georgia Jones

Dietary Patterns and Prevalence of Food Insecurity among Low-Income Families Participating in Community Food Assistance Programs in a Midwest Town
Nweze E. Nnakwe

Factors Related to Frequency of Fruits and Vegetables Served to Children and Consumed by Mothers in Low-Income Households
Brenda Jean Birmingham, Jill Armstrong Shultz, Miriam Edlefsen

The Impact of Nutrition Education on Food Insecurity among Low-Income Participants in EFNEP
Jamie Dollahite, Christine Olson, Michelle Scott-Pierce