Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

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Edited By: Dr. Sharon A. DeVaney

Online ISSN: 1552-3934

Virtual Issue: College Students and Nutrition

Edited by Sharon A. DeVaney

This virtual issue consists of six articles on college students and nutrition that have been published recently in the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal. The authors of the studies were interested in: the health belief model, diet quality, Body Mass Image, body image, attitudes, food safety, and cardio vascular disease. A review of these articles could inspire educators and researchers to extend existing research and/or help college students improve diet quality.

Influence of Body Satisfaction, Body Mass Index, and Diet Quality on Healthy Eating Attitudes among College Students

Michela Fyler, Julie Schumacher, Jennifer Banning, and Hae Jin Gam

Using Focus Groups to Develop a Nutrition Labeling Program within University Food Service
Ali Pohlmeier, Debra B. Reed, Mallory Boylan, Shelley Harp

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction among College Students
Jay T. Sutliffe, Mary Jo Carnot

Weight Attitudes Predict Eating Competence among College Students
Dawn Clifford, Linda A. Keeler, Kathy Gray, Andrew Steingrube, Michelle Neyman Morris

Taking an Undergraduate Nutrition Course Results in Favorable Attitudes to a Healthful Diet and Improved Intake of Several Key Nutrients
Roman Pawlak, Chandra Speight Cerutti, Rena Quinton

Compliance with Food Safety Recommendations Among University Undergraduates: Application of the Health Belief Model
Laura H. McArthur, Donald Holbert, William A. Forsythe III.