Cytometry Part A

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Edited By: Attila Tárnok

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Associated Title(s): Cytometry Part B: Clinical Cytometry

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Cytometric assessment of mitochondria using fluorescent probes
Cottet-Rousselle, C., Ronot, X., Leverve, X. and Mayol, J.-F.
Volume 79A, Issue 6, 2011

Flow cytometry controls, instrument setup, and the determination of positivity
Maecker, H. T. and Trotter, J.
Volume 59A, Issue 9, 2006

A novel Ly6C/Ly6G-based strategy to analyze the mouse splenic myeloid compartment
Rose, S., Misharin, A. and Perlman, H.
Volume 81A, Issue 4, 2012

Evaluation of a 12-color flow cytometry panel to study lymphocyte, monocyte, and dendritic cell subsets in humans
Autissier, P., Soulas, C., Burdo, T. H.and Williams, K. C.
Volume 77A, Issue 5, 2010

Lymphocytes subsets reference values in childhood
Tosato, F., Bucciol, G., Pantano, G., Putti, M. C., Sanzari, M.C., Basso G. and Plebani, M.
Volume 87, Issue 1, 2015

An approach to diagnosis of T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders by flow cytometry
Gorczyca, W., Weisberger, J., Liu, Z., Tsang, P., Hossein, M., Wu, C. D., Dong, H. Wong, J. Y. L., Tugulea, S., Dee, S., Melamed, M. R. and Darzynkiewicz, Z.
Volume 50, Issue 3, 2002

Interpretation of cellular proliferation data: Avoid the panglossian
Roederer, M.
Volume 79A, Issue 2, 2011

Intracellular phospho-protein staining techniques for flow cytometry: Monitoring single cell signaling events
Krutzik, P. O. and Nolan, G. P.
Volume 55A, Issue 2, 2003

Quantifying colocalization by correlation: The Pearson correlation coefficient is superior to the Mander's overlap coefficient
Adler, J. and Parmryd, I.
Volume 77A, Issue 8, 2010

Human NK cell receptors/markers: A tool to analyze NK cell development, subsets and function
Montaldo, E., Del Zotto, G., Della Chiesa, M., Mingari, M.C., Moretta, A., De Maria, A. and Moretta L.
Volume 83A, Issue 8, 2013