Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

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Edited By: G.A. Burton, Jr.; Founding Editor: C.H. Ward

Impact Factor: 2.763

ISI Journal Citation Reports © Ranking: 2015: 31/90 (Toxicology); 64/225 (Environmental Sciences)

Online ISSN: 1552-8618

Associated Title(s): Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management

Editorial Board


G.A. Burton, Jr., University of Michigan

Founding Editor

C.H. Ward, Rice University



D. Baird - Aquatic Toxicology - Environment Canada, Canada

N. Basu - Terrestrial Toxicology - University of Michigan, USA

C.A. Bishop - Terrestial Toxicology - Environment Canada, Canada

R. Blust - Aquatic Toxicology - University of Antwerp, Belgium

R. Brain - Environmental Toxicology, Plants - Syngenta, USA

B. Brooks - Aquatic Toxicology - Baylor University, USA

P. Chapman - Aquatic Toxicology - Golder Associates, Canada

W. Chen - Environmental Chemistry - Nankai University, China

G.P. Cobb - Critical Reviews - Baylor University, USA

C. Cosio - Environmental Toxicology, Plants - University of Geneva, Switzerland

J. Diamond - Aquatic Toxicology - Tetra Tech, USA

W.J. Doucette - Environmental Chemistry - Utah State University, USA

C. Gagnon - Environmental Chemistry, Nanomaterials - Environment Canada, Canada

U. Ghosh - Remediation and Restoration - University of Maryland, USA

L. Guilhermino - Aquatic Toxicology - University of Porto, Portugal

M. Hanson - Environmental Toxicology, Plants - University of Manitoba, Canada

P.H. Howard - Environmental Chemistry - Syracuse Research Corporation, USA

R.J. Kendall - Terrestrial Toxicology - Texas Tech University, USA

K. Kidd - Aquatic Toxicology - University of New Brunswick, Canada

S.J. Klaine - Critical Reviews - Clemson University, USA

R. Klaper - Aquatic Toxicology - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

A.A. Koelmans - Environmental Chemistry - Wageningen University, The Netherlands

A. Kolok - Aquatic Toxicology - University of Nebraska, USA

S. Lacorte - Environmental Chemistry - Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, Spain

C.M. Lee - Environmental Chemistry - Clemson University, USA

R. Lohmann - Environmental Chemistry - The University of Rhode Island, USA

M.J. Lydy - ET&C Focus Articles - Southern Illinois University, USA

C. Mebane - Aquatic Toxicology - U.S. Geological Survey

D. Muir - Environmental Chemistry - Environment Canada

J. Newsted - Aquatic Toxicology - Cardno Entrix, USA

I. Oliver - Terrestrial Toxicology - Scottish Environmental Protection Agency

W. Peijnenburg - Environmental Chemistry - Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands

B.A. Rattner - Terrestrial Toxicology - Patuxent Wildlife Research Center, USA

D. Reible - Remediation and Restoration - Texas Tech University, USA

C.J. Salice - Terrestial Toxicology - Towson Unversity, USA

B.E. Sample - Hazard/Risk Assessment - Ecological Risk Incorporated, USA

P. Sibley - Aquatic Toxicology - University of Guelph, Canada

J. Shaw - Aquatic Toxicology - Indiana University, USA

P.N. Smith - Terrestrial Toxicology - Texas Tech University, USA

K. Solomon - Hazard/Risk Assessment - University of Guelph, Canada

G.I. Sunahara - Terrestrial Toxicology - McGill University, Canada

D. Tillitt - Aquatic Toxicology - US Geological Survey, USA

P. J. Van den Brink - Aquatic Toxicology - Alterra, The Netherlands

D. Villeneuve - Aquatic Toxicology - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

K. Walters - Environmental Toxicology, Plants - Imperial College London, United Kingdom

W.-X. Wang - Aquatic Toxicology - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

V. Wilson - Human Health from Environmental Exposures - US Environmental Protection Agency, USA

J. You - Aquatic Toxicology - Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

E. Zeng - Environmental Chemistry - Jinan University, China

X. Zhang - Aquatic Toxicology - Nanjing University, China


Editorial Board

T. An, 2018, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

T. Augspurger, 2017, US Fish and Wildlife Service

J. Awkerman, 2017, Wake Forest University, USA

J. Besser, 2016, US Geological Survey

J. Blasco, 2016, Institute of Marine Sciences of Andalusia, Spain

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A. Boxall, 2018, University of York, UK

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