Laser Physics Letters

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Editor: Pavel P. Pashinin

Online ISSN: 1612-202X

Instructions to Authors (short version)

Manuscripts should be submitted in English. A full description covering the details of manuscript preparation is available at

Submission Stage

Only original papers not yet published and not simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere will be accepted. Only electronic submission is accepted. Authors should submit their manuscripts via e-mail to sending as attachment one archive. This will significantly accelerate the time required for handling and refereeing. At the moment of sending manuscript or preferably one week earlier, the should send the Transfer of Copyright Agreement by express mail to the following address: Prof. Valery M. Yermachenko, Build. 4, Suite 286, Ostrovityanova Str., 9, Moscow, 117437, Russia The Transfer of Copyright Agreement is available via A manuscript will be dated with the date of its receipt by the Staff Editor. However, refereeing of the manuscript will begin when the Staff Editor receives the Transfer of Copyright Agreement.

Acceptance Stage

The Staff Editor will send an acceptance message to the corresponding author. Only files conforming to the following guidelines will be accepted:

  • LaTeX files coded with the lpl-style sheets available via (also including all necessary additional information on how to use the style sheets).
  • Figures in Postscript (ps or eps) or tif format should be included as separate files.
  • Supplementary material, for example videos or animations (which will only be published in the online version).

Also accepted:
LaTeX files coded with the article class without any particular packages or definitions, MS Word files with figures in Postscript (ps or eps) or tif format as separate files. All files should be archived and compressed into a single file using WinZip or tar.gz before e-mailing. Please note that color figures will generally only remain in color in the electronic version, but will be printed in black/white. Color figures for the printed version can be purchased using the Reprint Order Form.

Proof Correction Stage

Prior to publication, authors will receive page proofs by e-mail in PDF format. Authors should keep in mind that reading proofs is their responsibility. Corrections should therefore be clear. Corrections listed in an electronic file should be sorted by line numbers. The use of standard proof correction marks is recommended. LaTeX files are sometimes slightly modified by the production department to follow the general presentation rules of the journal. The main aim of proofreading is to correct errors that may have occurred during the production process, and not to modify the content of the paper. The reproduction of art work, the layout of the pages and breaks in equations introduced by the production staff should carefully be checked. Corrections that may lead to a change in the page layout should be avoided. Note that sending back a corrected manuscript file is of no use. Please correct your galley proofs and return them within 3 working days.


The corresponding author will receive a PDF file (300dpi) for 50 printouts of his contribution free of charge. Hardcopy reprints (at least 50 copies) or a PDF file for an unlimited number of printouts are available for purchase. Reprints of your article and journal copies can be ordered at any time before and after publication. Reprints will be delivered in full colour (regardless of black/white printing in the journal) and with colour cover (either standard or individually customised with abstract or a selected figure).
Download the order form from here.