Plasma Processes and Polymers

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  1. Synthesis of Few-Layer Graphene-on-Insulator Films by Controllable C4F8 Plasma Etching SiC

    Chenggang Jin, Tianyuan Huang, Yan Yang, Mingzhi Wu, Yijun Xu, Zhaofeng Wu, Lanjian Zhuge, Xuemei Wu and Chao Ye

    Article first published online: 25 MAR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201400181

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    6H–SiC substrates are etched for the synthesis of few-layer graphene-on-insulator films using C4F8-based, ICP combined with DFCCP. A balance is struck between etching and deposition, leaving an ultra-thin C-rich overlaying film on the surface. After the layer annealed at low temperature (920 °C), F atoms are expelled, and residual C atoms reconstruct to form an FLG film.

  2. Comparative In Vitro Study of Different Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets Concerning their Antimicrobial Potential and Cellular Reaction

    Kathrin Duske, Katharina Wegner, Monique Donnert, Ulrike Kunert, Andreas Podbielski, Bernd Kreikemeyer, Torsten Gerling, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, Barbara Nebe and Rainer Bader

    Article first published online: 23 MAR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201400176

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    Implant-related infections are a common and reoccurring problem in orthopaedic surgery. Plasma jet application could be an alternative method dealing with implant-related infections. This in vitro study demonstrates the potential of atmospheric pressure plasma jets (kHz-Jet and kINPen08) combining major purposes dealing with infected implants to degrade and remove the bacterial biofilm as well as simultaneously support cell development.

  3. Glancing Angle Deposition of Silver Promoted by Pre-Deposited Nanoparticles

    Pavel Solař, Ondřej Kylián, Martin Petr, Jan Hanuš, Andrei Choukourov, Danka Slavínská and Hynek Biederman

    Article first published online: 19 MAR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201400246

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    Two types of particles are used to promote columnar growth of silver caused by glancing angle deposition. The particles serve as seeds creating the initial shadowing. Very small particles cause only a small improvement, while big particles ensure that a column grows from each particle even at low angles of incidence. The easy preparation of particles in a wide range of sizes makes them an efficient tool for column width control.

  4. Synthesis of Fluorene-Type Thin Film Under Biphenyl/Methane Plasma Environment

    Dogan Mansuroglu and Sorin Manolache

    Article first published online: 13 MAR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201400136

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    Plasma polymerized fluorene-type thin films are produced under biphenyl and methane plasma. Complicated reactions are controlled by negative bias potential applied to substrate. The electrically conductivity of films is improved under variable plasma parameters and the iodine (I2) doping. The deposited thin layers have potential for photovoltaic applications, especially at high negative bias voltage.

  5. Plasma Thorns: Atmospheric Pressure Non-Thermal Plasma Source for Dentistry Applications

    Yongdong Liang, Yinglong Li, Ke Sun, Qian Zhang, Wei Li, Weidong Zhu, Jue Zhang and Jing Fang

    Article first published online: 12 MAR 2015 | DOI: 10.1002/ppap.201400185

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    A novel, atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma source – “plasma thorns” can generate plasma plumes simultaneously in multiple preset directions. This type of device is proposed for the sterilization of the inner surface of tubular structures. Plasma thorns provide significantly higher antimicrobial efficacy in the radial directions compared with the highly directional plasma jets.