5_08/2009Nanosuspensions: Small 8/2009

The cover picture illustrates the synthesis of dextran biopolymer stabilized metal oxide nanosuspensions prepared by precipitation in dextran solutions followed by dextranase enzymatic deshelling by endohydrolysis of the dextran into oligomers and maltoses to liberate the metal oxide nanoparticles. A low level of surface remant oligomer remains to prevent subsequent aggregation and growth of the nanoparticles whilst still freeing the nanoparticle surface for activity. The green synthetic process described is suitable for scale up as a biosynthetic and moderated precipitation route to a wide range of functional nanoparticles. For more information, please read the Communication “Controlled Nanoparticle Formation by Enzymatic Deshelling of Biopolymer-Stabilized Nanosuspensions” by D. Walsh et al. beginning on page 913. Dextranase structure courtesy of PDB database taken from A. M. Larsson, R. Andersson, J. Stahlberg, L. Kenne, T. A. Jones, Structure, 2003, 11, 1111.

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