5_08b/2009Interfaces: Small 8/2009

The cover picture illustrates the direct imaging of the microscopic water/air/solid three-phase interface of a hierarchical micro/nanoscale lotus leaf surface by the “droplet-inside-view” method. A water-droplet presents the typical profile when contacting with the superhydrophobic surface of lotus leaves (shown in the center of picture). This superhydrophobic state can be clearly shown at the microscopic scale by environmental scanning electron microscopy (top left corner). The atomic force microscopy (AFM) cantilever with its probe is then immerged within the water droplet to scan over the internal water/air/solid interface between the water droplet and lotus leaf surface (shown top right corner). This method may enable the quantitive description of the water/air/solid three-phase interface at hierarchical micro/nanoscales by using AFM imaging and force-curve analysis. For more information, please read the Communication “Wetting Behavior at Micro-/Nanoscales: Direct Imaging of a Microscopic Water/Air/Solid Three-Phase Interface” by D. Han, L. Jiang, et al. beginning on page 908.

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