5_11b/2009Nanocrystalline materials: Small 11/2009

The cover picture shows a hierarchical route towards structuring nanocrystalline rutile on the mesoscale. Using spherical polyelectrolyte brushes as a template and pre-synthesized electrostatically stabilized rutile nanocrystals, which carry a positive surface charge, as inorganic precursors, a crystalline polymer–rutile composite is formed. The template may be removed completely without loss of the mesostructure by a two-step calcination treatment first in argon, followed by a second treatment in air. Hence, macroporous balls with mesoporous walls consisting of rutile nanocrystals are obtained. For more information, please read the Full Paper “Shaping Colloidal Rutile into Thermally Stable and Porous Mesoscopic Titania Balls” by J. Breu et al., beginning on page 1326.

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