5_12b/2009Nanofabrication: Small 12/2009

The cover picture shows a scanning electron microscopy image of nanoporous anodic alumina with modulated pore structures fabricated by a new electrochemical anodization method called cyclic anodization. It is demonstrated that by applying periodic oscillatory current or voltage signals with different profiles, amplitudes, and periods during anodization, which combines mild and hard anodization, it is possible to control the geometry of pore structures and design anodic alumina with complex pore architectures. This is a promising fabrication strategy to offer new opportunities for designing novel nanomaterials that have potential in a range of nanotechnology applications. For more information, please read the Communication “Porous Alumina with Shaped Pore Geometries and Complex Pore Architectures Fabricated by Cyclic Anodization” by D. Losic et al., beginning on page 1392.

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