5_14/2009Nanoparticle delivery: Small 14/2009

The cover image depicts two modes of functionalized nanoparticle delivery for single-cell studies using a versatile nanofountain probe (NFP). NFPs are scanning probes with integrated microfluidics, enabling both direct-write nanopatterning and direct/in vitro/injection of functional nanoparticles. The NFP is used to pattern dot arrays of chemotherapy-drug-conjugated nanodiamonds with sub-100-nm resolution on glass substrates for subsequent cell culture and precise drug-dosing studies. The same NFP is also used to inject nanodiamond conjugates directly into live cells for further interrogation. For more information, please read the Full Paper “Nanofountain-Probe-Based High-Resolution Patterning and Single-Cell Injection of Functionalized Nanodiamonds” by D. Ho, H. D. Espinosa, et al., beginning on page 1667.

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