5_23b/2009Nanolithography: Small 23/2009

The cover picture illustrates a novel nanolithography method, referred to as field-induced nanolithography (FINAL). It is based on trapping nanoscale objects with AC electromagnetic fields (i.e., dielectrophoresis) to form a desired pattern above a master stamp. This pattern is then transferred to a target surface by bringing the target into contact with the trapped objects. The dynamic control of the patterns on the master stamp enables the reuse of the master stamp with any desired pattern alteration. The proposed method allows high throughput and precision pattern transfer to a target sample for almost any nanoscale objects. Due to its robustness, versatility, and universality, the method has remarkable application potential in nanotechnology. The feasibility of the method is demonstrated by producing arrays of quantum dots. For more information, please read the Communication “Field-Induced Nanolithography for High-Throughput Pattern Transfer” by P. Törmä et al., beginning on page 2683.

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