5_24/2009Pyrolytic carbon electrodes: Small 24/2009

The cover picture shows lithographically defined porous carbon electrodes created using interferometric lithography to make 3D periodic structures in photoresist that are converted to conducting carbon via pyrolysis. The structures undergo significant shrinkage but maintain their pattern morphology and adhesion to the substrate. The porous electrodes contain five patterned layers and engineered structures covering seven orders of magnitude in size scale. Electrochemical deposition of 1–3-nm gold nanoparticles and catalytic activity towards methanol oxidation following electroless palladium deposition onto the porous carbon lattice show promise for these structures as a highly adaptable electrode material. For more information, please read the Communication “Lithographically Defined Porous Carbon Electrodes” by D. B. Burckel, R. Polsky, et al., beginning on page 2792.

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