6_18/2010Statistical nanopatterning: Vertical Nanowire Architectures: Statistical Processing of Porous Templates Towards Discrete Nanochannel Integration (Small 18/2010)

How one can devise micro- and nanoporous templates with single-pore resolution? The cover pictures features how a statistical approach provides rigorous selection rules for locating definite sets of objects into random and ordered lattices. The statistical selection method is scalable, and it can be generalized to any type of porous templates for ultimate resolution structuring. Intriguingly, a unified micro- and nanotechnology processing protocol for vertical nanowire crossbar latches in porous alumina templates reduces to a gambling interpretation, following a straightforward, analytical formalism pondered in terms of surface and packing optimization. For more information, please read the Communication “Vertical Nanowire Architectures: Statistical Processing of Porous Templates towards Discrete Nanochannel Integration” by S. Melinte and co-workers, beginning on page 1974.

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