6_19/2010Nanoparticle patterning: High-Resolution, Parallel Patterning of Nanoparticles via an Ion-Induced Focusing Mask (Small 19/2010)

An ion-induced focusing mask under the simultaneous injection of ions and charged aerosols generates invisible electrostatic lenses around each opening, through which charged nanoparticles are convergently guided without depositing on the mask surface. The sizes of the created features become significantly smaller than those of the mask openings due to the focusing capability. It is not only demonstrated that material-independent nanoparticles including proteins can be patterned as an ordered array on any surface regardless of the conductive, nonconductive, or flexible nature of the substrate, but also that the array density can be increased. Highly sensitive gas sensors based on these focused nanoparticle patterns are fabricated via the concept.

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