7_02i/2011Organic Nanowires: Organic Nanowire Crystals Combine Excellent Device Performance and Mechanical Flexibility (Small 2/2011)

The cover picture shows scanning electron microscopy images of organic nanowire crystals, which are viewed by setting the electron beam voltage to the minimum value. The flexibility and elasticity of individual organic nanocrystals are investigated, and the Young's modulus of the nanocrystals is measured to be about 1.9 GPa using atomic force microscopy in tapping mode. The field-effect properties of the organic nanocrystals are studied at both the straight and bent states. The average mobility of bent crystals is higher than that of their straight counterparts, indicating that the intrinsic bending of organic crystals could improve device performance. These investigations facilitate our understanding of charge transport in organic semiconductors. They show considerable promise for a general way to study the mechanical properties of organic nanocrystals and for exciting applications in flexible electronics. For more information, please read the Communication “Organic Nanowire Crystals Combine Excellent Device Performance and Mechanical Flexibility” by W. Hu, T. Bjørnholm, and co-workers, beginning on page 189.

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