7_10/2011Special Issue: Nanotechnology with Soft Matter: (Small 10/2011)

Soft matter science is a multidisciplinary area of chemistry, physics, biology, and materials science, while nanotechnology involves understanding and controlling matter typically on the sub-100-nanometer scale, where unique phenomena enable novel and functional applications. In order to exploit and advance fruitful synergies between nanotechnology and soft matter, we present you with a special issue with the topic of “nanotechnology with soft matter.” Herein, the concept of Yin-Yang is used to describe how nanotechnology and soft matter are interconnected and interdependent. The shape of the Yin and Yang sections of the symbol actually gives one a sense of the continual movement of nanotechnology and soft matter, Yin to Yang and Yang to Yin, causing the exploration of this emerging field. For instance, nano-engineering methods allow for the manipulation and engineering of a plethora of cellular behaviors, such as spreading and adhesion, induced alignment, as well as stem cell differentiation, as illustrated in the cover figure.

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