7_18i/2011Nanoparticle-Aerogel Composites: Nanoparticle–Loaded Aerogels and Layered Aerogels Cast from Sol–Gel Mixtures (Small 18/2011)

The cover picture shows aerogels, in which different layers are loaded with different metal nanoparticles (Au: red; Ag: orange; Pd: gray). The particles are functionalized with hydroxy-terminated alkane thiols and disperse well in sol–gel mixtures to give alcogels and, after supercritical drying, aerogels containing up to 90 wt% of nanoparticles. Layered or patterned nanoparticle–aerogel monoliths can be prepared by sequential casting or molding of the nanoparticle-containg sol–gels, and can find uses in directing multistep catalytic reactions. For more information, please read the Communication “Nanoparticle-Loaded Aerogels and Layered Aerogels Cast from Sol–Gel Mixtures” by B. A. Grzybowski and co-workers, beginning on page 2568.

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