7_19i/2011Nanofluidic Chips: Real-Time Template-Assisted Manipulation of Nanoparticles in a Multilayer Nanofluidic Chip (Small 19/2011)

The cover picture conceptualizes nanoparticles, quantum dots, or biomolecules being controlled in a multilayer, nanofl uidic chip architecture using electrokinetic forces to capture, hold, and release them by controlling the potential difference across the channels. The nanomaterials are delivered into the top microfl uidic channel and are captured onto the vertical nanochannels. Such dynamic control of the fl ow and placement of nanomaterials in a biocompatible, aqueous environment will have a profound impact on the fi elds of nanoplasmonics, nanophotonics, and medicine. With this architecture it is possible to capture and align nanoparticles into a 2D structure. For more information, please read the Full Paper “Real-Time Template-Assisted Manipulation of Nanoparticles in a Multilayer Nanofl uidic Chip” by L. Pang, Y. Fainman, and co-workers, beginning on page 2750.

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