7_21i/2011Microfluidics: Drug Dissolution Chip (DDC): A Microfluidic Approach for Drug Release (Small 21/2011)

The cover picture shows a novel flow-through cell fabricated on a microfluidic chip, which is a versatile dissolution testing apparatus for small pharmaceuticals. The chip consists of a hollow chamber equipped with specific mechanical barriers (magnified on the bottom right of the main image) to immobilize the particles and prevent their aggregation, thereby mimicking the fate of such a dosage form in the human body. The dissolution medium is continuously pumped through the cell. The chip allows simultaneous visualization of the sample's physical state and monitoring of the concentration of dissolved drug. This approach can be used to visualize changes of the sample to augment the concentration analysis. Thus, the drug dissolution chip (DDC) should contribute to the optimization of the therapeutic effectiveness of small drug release systems during development and stability studies. Furthermore, it can be used for routine assessment of manufacturing quality to ensure safety and uniformity of different production batches. For more information, please read the Communication “Drug Dissolution Chip (DDC): A Microfluidic Approach for Drug Release” by M. Windbergs and D. A. Weitz,* beginning on page 3011.

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