8_07/2012Multilayer Printing: Multifunctional Lipid Multilayer Stamping (Small 7/2012)

The cover image illustrates the process of lipid multilayer stamping, a scalable way to form nanostructured lipid multilayer arrays on surfaces. Different lipid mixtures are arrayed onto a topographically structured stamp, which is then used to transfer the lipids onto a surface. An important characteristic of this process is that it allows control of the lipid multilayer thickness between about 5 and 200 nm, which is a crucial size range for the optical and encapsulation properties necessary for applications in biological sensing and in vitro drug delivery systems. This method combines the lateral patterning capabilities and scalability of microcontact printing with the topographical control of nanoimprint lithography and the multimaterial integration aspects of dip-pen nanolithography to create nanostructured lipid multilayer arrays. For more information, please read the Full Paper “Multifunctional Lipid Multilayer Stamping” by S. Lenhert and co-workers on page 1021. Cover illustration by Kevin John.

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