8_19i/2012Hierarchical Structures: 3D Direct Laser Writing of Nano- and Microstructured Hierarchical Gecko-Mimicking Surfaces (Small 19/2012)

Adhesion of geckos, like this Tokay gecko, is based on the complex formation of delicate hairs covering their toes. 3D direct laser writing is the perfect tool to study such structures, as described by M. Rohrig, H. Holscher and co-workers on page 3009. Fabrication using 3D direct laser writing takes advantage of multiphoton absorption to create arbitrary micro- and nanostructures. The high flexibility of this rapid prototyping technique is exemplified with the presented “Small” logo: the width of the “l” in the logo is only 2.5 μm. Images copyright Eric Isselee, fivespots, KIT, 2012. Used under license from Shutterstock.com.

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