10_01/2014Theranostics: MRI-Visualized, Dual-Targeting, Combined Tumor Therapy Using Magnetic Graphene-Based Mesoporous Silica (Small 1/2014)

Multifunctional magnetic graphene-based mesoporous silica, represented in the cover image by the “flying disk”, is modified by an important targeting peptide (the bright “star” on the particle surface). As described on page 109 by L. J. Kong and co-workers, under the guidance of a magnetic field and NIR irradiation, multifunctional materials (“flying disk” with “star”) with the drug DOX loaded (red particles) attack (target enter and kill) the tumor cell (“celestial body”).

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10_01i/2014Transfer Printing: Multiscale Transfer Printing into Recessed Microwells and on Curved Surfaces via Hierarchical Perfluoropolyether Stamps (Small 1/2014)

A simple method is presented on page 52 by K.-Y. Suh and co-workers to form multiscale metal patterns on an unconventional surface by using hierarchical polymeric stamps with perfluoropolyether (PFPE). A dual-scale PFPE structure is made via a two-step moulding process under partial photo-crosslinking conditions. The hierarchical PFPE stamp enables multiscale transfer printing of the metal pattern in one step within microwells as well as on curved surfaces. F. Li, Q. Wang*

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10_01b/2014Graphene Oxide: Photothermally Controlled Gene Delivery by Reduced Graphene Oxide–Polyethylenimine Nanocomposite (Small 1/2014)

An external-stimuli-triggered and spatially and temporally controlled gene delivery vehicle is constructed by H. Kim and W. J. Kim using a functionalized reduced graphene oxide (rGO)-based nanocomposite. Upon light irradiation, the vehicle generates local heat, causing the accelearated endosomal escape of polyplexes. This platform, described in detail on page 117, makes it possible to develop a photothermally controlled gene carrier with maximized therapeutic efficacy and high spatial/temporal control.

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