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Editors: Guozhen Ji, Shengming Ma

Online ISSN: 1614-7065

Associated Title(s): Chemistry - A European Journal, Chemistry – An Asian Journal, Israel Journal of Chemistry, The Chemical Record

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  1. A New Fluorescent Chemodosimeter for Hg2+ with High Selectivity and Sensitivity in Water

    Dengchen Yang, Meng Li and Chuanfeng Chen

    Version of Record online: 24 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.201600519

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    A new fluorescent chemodosimeter 1 based on tetrahydro[5]helicene imide was synthesized, and it showed high selectivity and sensitivity toward Hg2+ in water. The response time was within 0.5 min, and the detection limit of 1 for Hg2+ was 2.0×10−8 mol·L−1. Moreover, the response mechanism that Hg2+ promoted deprotection of dithioacetal groups of 1 to form its water-insoluble aldehyde precursor was also proposed.

  2. Anthracene Modified by Aldehyde Groups Exhibiting Aggregation-Induced Emission Properties

    Zhe Peng, Zhi Wang, Bin Tong, Yingchun Ji, Jianbing Shi, Junge Zhi and Yuping Dong

    Version of Record online: 24 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.201600357

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    Modifying anthracene ring with aldehyde group can transform anthracene with aggregation-caused quenching properties to AIEgen. The single-crystal structures analysis of AnA and AnDA showed that their structure characteristics are responsible for the AIE properties of AnA and AnDA. On one hand, the aldehyde group can cause steric effects to lower intermolecular π-π packing style in aggregated state. On the other hand, intermolecular H-bonding interactions can restrict the intramolecular rotation and suppress internal charge transfer. These results may supply a new simple method for the transformation from ACQphores to AIEgens on the point of the molecular design.

  3. Palladium/Copper Cocatalyzed Coupling Reaction of Aroyl Hydrazides with Indoles

    Congrong Liu and Fulai Yang

    Version of Record online: 24 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.201600493

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    An unprecedented coupling reaction of indoles with simple aroyl hydrazides has been developed under aerobic conditions for the synthesis of structurally diverse 2-arylindoles or 3-arylindoles.

  4. Theoretical Prediction on Photovoltaic Properties of 4Cl-BPPQ/PC61BM System via Density Functional Theory Calculations

    Caibin Zhao, Qiang Zhang, Ke Zhou, Hongguang Ge, Wenliang Wang and Shiwei Yin

    Version of Record online: 24 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.201600350

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    4Cl-BPPQ/PC61BM system is a promising organic solar cell and its theoretical power conversion efficiency is over 9%.

  5. Characterization and Comparison of Commercial Chinese Cereal and European Grape Vinegars Using 1H NMR Spectroscopy Combined with Multivariate Analysis

    Xiaohua Wang, Jie Wang, Ghulam Mustafa Kamal, Bin Jiang, Peng Sun, Xu Zhang and Maili Liu

    Version of Record online: 24 OCT 2016 | DOI: 10.1002/cjoc.201600365

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    1H NMR based characterization and comparison are performed which allows a holistic quality assessment and comparison of Chinese cereal and European grape vinegar.