Chinese Journal of Chemistry

Cover image for Vol. 33 Issue 5

Editors: Guozhen Ji, Shengming Ma

Online ISSN: 1614-7065

Associated Title(s): Chemistry - A European Journal, Chemistry – An Asian Journal, Israel Journal of Chemistry, The Chemical Record

33_05/2015Cover Picture: A Triptycene-Based Porous Organic Polymer that Exhibited High Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide Storage Capacities and Excellent CO2/N2 Selectivity (Chin. J. Chem. 5/2015)

The cover picture shows a novel porous organic polymer (POP) which was constructed through the condensation of triptycene tricatechol and 1,3,5-benzenetris(4-phenylboronic acid). POPs are a kind of organic materials which possess permanent porosity and thus have great potentials in the field of gas storage and separation. The as-prepared triptycene- based POP exhibits high H2 uptake (up to 1.84 wt% at 77 K, 1 bar), large CO2 adsorption capacity (up to 18.1 wt% at 273 K, 1 bar), and excellent CO2/N2 adsorption selectivity (up to 120/1). The influence of solvent on the gas adsorption performance of the POP has also been investigated. More details are discussed in the article by Zhao et al. on page 539–544.

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