Advanced Functional Materials

Cover image for Vol. 26 Issue 24

19_09/2009DNA Detection: Intercalating Dye Harnessed Cationic Conjugated Polymer for Real-Time Naked-Eye Recognition of Double-Stranded DNA in Serum (Adv. Funct. Mater. 9/2009)

On page 1371, Liu Bin and Pu Kan-Yi demonstrate multicolor detection of double-stranded DNA in biological media using an intercalating-dye-harnessed cationic conjugated polymer. As demonstrated in the cover image, the intercalating-dye-harnessed polymer emits blue fluorescence both in the absence and presence of single-stranded DNA in serum-containing solution, while its fluorescence gradually turns from blue to dark yellow with increasing double-stranded DNA concentration.

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