Advanced Functional Materials

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19_14b/2009Self-Healing Materials: A Facile Strategy for Preparing Self-Healing Polymer Composites by Incorporation of Cationic Catalyst-Loaded Vegetable Fibers (Adv. Funct. Mater. 14/2009)

Discontinuous sisal fibers carrying extremely active (C2H5)2O·BF3 are embedded in epoxy matrix together with epoxy monomer-loaded microcapsules to fabricate self-healing composite based on the healing mechanism of cationic chain polymerization. This approach, described by D. S. Xiao et al. on page 2289, skips the encapsulation of high activity chemicals, reducing the risk of their deactivation during handling. It provides a facile strategy for making extrinsic self-healing polymeric materials.

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