Advanced Functional Materials

Cover image for Vol. 27 Issue 16

19_15b/2009Supramolecular Self-Assembly: Self-Assembly of a Donor-Acceptor Dyad Across Multiple Length Scales: Functional Architectures for Organic Electronics (Adv. Funct. Mater. 15/2009)

More than the sum of its parts: by covalently coupling polycyclic donor and acceptor moieties, Samori and co-workers demonstrate on page 2486 that a donor–acceptor dyad, based on nanographene and perylene, self-assembles into highly ordered supramolecular architectures with nanosegregated coaxial donor and acceptor regions. The cover image features an atomic force microscopy image of mesoscopic ribbons along with the proposed crystallographic arrangement of the constituent molecules.

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