Advanced Functional Materials

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21_04i/2011Photoconduction: Very Large Photoconduction Enhancement Upon Self-Assembly of a New Triindole Derivative in Solution-Processed Films (Adv. Funct. Mater. 4/2011)

A new carbazole-related small molecule exhibiting self-assembly into ordered nanostructures in solution-processed cast films has been synthesized and its charge-photogeneration and -transport properties have been investigated. Large photoconductivity was measured in the amorphous state while an enormous improvement in the photoconduction properties was observed when the molecules spontaneously organized. Photocurrents increased upon self-assembly by up to four orders of magnitude, mostly due to the drastic enhancement of the charge photogeneration. A greatly favorable arrangement of the aromatic cores in the resulting nanostructures, which were characterized by X-ray analysis, may explain these improvements. Photocurrents of mA cm−2, on/off ratios of 104 and quantum efficiencies of unity at low field and light intensity, which are among the best values reported to date, along with the simplicity of fabrication, give this readily-available organic system great potential for use in plastic optoelectronic devices.

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