Advanced Functional Materials

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21_13i/2011Thermoresponsive Capsules: Hybrid Capsules via Self-Assembly of Thermoresponsive and Interfacially Active Bionanoparticle–Polymer Conjugates (Adv. Funct. Mater. 13/2011)

The image shows a soft capsule prepared from a newly developed protein-polymer hybrid conjugate. On page 2470, Alexander Böker and co-workers report the formation of functional thin layers that are stabilized by cross-linking and allow for the production of very stable soft-matter capsules. In addition to the control gained by the defined structure of proteins, the authors use a thermoresponsive protein (ferriting) that allows for several possible release mechanisms and for the formation of thin responsive layers. Such systems may find application in controlled release processes, for example, drug delivery. (Cover design: P. van Rijn)

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