Advanced Functional Materials

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21_20b/2011Molecular Engineering: Engineering Molecular Organization of Naphthalenediimides: Large Nanosheets with Metallic Conductivity and Attoliter Containers (Adv. Funct. Mater. 20/2011)

On page 3875, M. B. Avinash and T. Govindaraju report the molecularly engineered self-assembly of phenylalanine methylester-appended naphtha-lenediimide, an organic n-type semiconductor, into large free-floating nanosheets and attoliter containers. Nanosheets with high-level molecular ordering exhibit metallic conductivity in the undoped state. Chlorinated co-solvents promote molecular organization into attoliter volume con-tainers, such as nanocups, mesocups, and bowl-like novel and complex architectures, through halogen bonding.

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