Advanced Functional Materials

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21_22i/2011Biomedical Applications: Multifunctionalized Electrospun Silk Fibers Promote Axon Regeneration in the Central Nervous System (Adv. Funct. Mater. 22/2011)

On page 4232, Christophe Egles and co-workers have designed electrospun silk fibers biofunctionalized with growth factors that promote axon regeneration in the central nervous system. The inside cover shows a merged image of the autofluorescent silk fibers (green), phalloidin labeling of the actin filaments (red), and DAPI nuclear staining (blue) in a retinal ganglion cell. The growth cones of the cells elongate along the silk fibers and change direction at silk crossroads. Nerve cells exhibit longer axonal growth when in contact with biofunctionalized fibers in comparison with unfunctionalized silk.

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