Advanced Functional Materials

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22_09i/2012Quantum Dots: Ultrasensitive, Biocompatible, Quantum-Dot-Embedded Silica Nanoparticles for Bioimaging (Adv. Funct. Mater. 9/2012)

On page 1843, Dong Soo Lee, Yoon-Sik Lee, and co-workers investigate very bright quantum dot (QD)-based probes for effective bioimaging. Silica-coated, QD-embedded silica nanoparticles (Si@QDs@Si NPs) containing QDs composed of CdSe@ZnS (core-shell) are prepared to compare the structure-based advantages with single QDs having similar quantum yields. The excellence of Si@QDs@Si NPs is illustrated by significantly enhanced fluorescence signals. The more advanced version of QDs-based silica nanoparticles containing multishell QDs is prepared without significant loss of quantum yield during surface modification.

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